Its Everything You Do

what happens when a fan moves to england starts her first day at her new job and meets her idols? see's the boy of her dreams and hangs out with them? would it be a dream come true or will it quickly blow up in her face. leaving her laying naked on the floor?


18. Finally Together

Harry's POV

I'm so happy. Happier than I ever been. She said yes to being my girlfriend and I'm just so happy. We walked out the room hand in hand and I was ready to tell the boys and everyone. Ready to tell the fans. The paparazzi. I was ready to take on the world with her by myside.

Yessi's POV

I walked into the living room holding Harry's hand when I saw the biggest mess ever. There was flour everywhere even on the boys and the girls. There were grapes and weird souces I even think that oil was on them.

"Uhhh what the fuck happened in here?" I asked as everyone was laughing they turned to us.

"I think the bigger question is what went on in there." Louis said pointing to the back.

"No the bigger question is why are you guys holding hands?" Zayn asked.

"Dummy that goes with Louis question." Niall said throwing something at Zayn

"No the bigger question is what the fuck happened to my living room." I yelled asking the boys.

"See after you guys disappeared we expanded the throwing options and grabbed everything and anything from your kitchen and started throwing it at each other." Liam said with his eyes twinkling

"Sorry yessi we will clean it up right boys?" Dani said.


"Say sorry to Yessi." Ele said

"Sorry Yessi for making such a mess in your house." They all said I can't be mad at them.

"I barley moved in and it's already dirty. It's fine." I said.

"So whats going on with you too?"  Liam asked.

"Uhhh well we are kinda together now." I said sheeplishly

"I thought you were going to make him wait?" Ele asked I looked at Harry and he just looked at me and smiled

"Ya thought you were going to make me wait." He said pulling me close to him

"I was but than we started kissing and it felt so right that I had to make him mine." I said blushing.

"Uwwwwww. Yessi and Harry sitting in a tree K I S S I N G." they all said. I just laughed

"No we weren't kissing in a tree we were kissing against the door and on the bed." Harry said I just blushed.

"Uwwww what were ya'll doing on the bed." Zayn said thrusting his hips in a sexual way.

"Nothing we made out and than we came out here to make sure my house wasn't a mess too late for that I guess." I said zayn just mad a sad face.

"Come on lets clean up. We can all take turns taking showers. Actually if you girls take one with ur bfs than you can share one bathroom while someone else or another couple takes one in the other." I said

"Uwww babe lets go." Harry said tugging my arm.

"Ya no I was refuring to Eleanor and Louis and Danielle and Liam." He got sad.

"Awww booo." he said I just laughed.

"Come one Babe lets go." Danielle said to Liam. Everyone stared at them.

"What just cause I'm sweet and nice and daddy directioner dont mean I dont have fun." He said walking away into the hall way I thought about it.


"Please we wouldnt dare too. I have way more respect for you and your house to do that." Liam said

"Or my bedroom or the guest bedroom." I screamed

"Damn it. Fun killer." He yelled.

"DONT HAVE SEX AT ALL!" I looked at Eleanor who started to get up and head to the back with Louis.

"That goes for you two too." I said she just smiled.

"Okay love." Louis said.

"Come on guys lets start cleaning up." Zayn said. We all started cleaning up. Throwing things away and vacuuming things up. Thank god I had a steam cleaner. We got the stains out and than we sat down and left enough mess for the next group. After they got out the bathrooms. I took their clothes and put them in the washer that I found in my garage. Me and Harry were next I told him he could use the shower after I get out. So that Zayn can go after we all showered the house was clean and didn't smell like food. Haha we popped in Lion King my favorite movie than toy story just for Liam. Than we watched Fast and Furious all of them. It was 1 o'clock and people started to crash on the couch. I told Dani and Liam they can sleep in the guest bedroom and that Louis and Eleanor are going to take the floor or sleep with them cause the bed was big enough. Me and Harry slept in my room. 

"Harry why me?" I asked

"Why you what" he asked. making his eyes gleam a brighter green then usual.

"why do you love me? out of all the girls in the world you choose me. why?" I told him.

"Because I knew from when I saw you that day." I intrupted him

"You mean two days ago?" I said laughing

"Yes babe two days ago. I just thought you were so beautiful that I had to make you mine and I wouldnt stop till I did." He said looking into my eyes. I love talking to him he never takes his eyes from mine and he really listens to me.

"Well you have me heartbraker what are your plans now?" I said smiling.

"Uwww is that what your going to call me? Heartbraker? I wish you stop and now that I have you I'm never letting go I'm going to spoil you and make sure no one hurts you."

I smiled and then yawned he put my head on his chest and my breathing began to deepen. Last thing I remember was looking at my clock that said 4:05 a.m and I closed my eyes as Harry kissed the top of my head.

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