Its Everything You Do

what happens when a fan moves to england starts her first day at her new job and meets her idols? see's the boy of her dreams and hangs out with them? would it be a dream come true or will it quickly blow up in her face. leaving her laying naked on the floor?


9. After th Boys Left

Zayn's POV

I felt bad afterwards when I yelled at her. She was nice and she was really sweet. She reminded me of Perrie. Which reminds me I should text her.

To: My Love <3

hey babe sorry I havent texted you all day. how is everything?

7:30 p.m

From: My Love <3

good and you? and its okay I totally understand.

7:31 p.m

To: My Love <3

just met this awesome chick I think she is a fan of us. we talked to her friends on the phone and followed all of them. I think you will like her.. looks likee harry too quite a fancy to her aswell.


From: My Love <3

when doesnt he take a fancy to someone? jkays I love him tho. do the rest of the boys like her?


To: My Love <3

seems so we might go hang out with her later. wanna come with? you and the girls?

7:32 p.m

From: My Love<3

sure text me later okay love you bye.

7:33 p.m

To: My Love<3

okay love you too bye

7:33 p.m

The whole car ride to studio was quite till Niall spoke up.

"Sooo am I the only one who thought she was Hot?" I just rolled my eyes

"She isnt hot mate. She is beautiful. Don't talk about her like that!" Harry said with angry filled eyes.

"Sorry mate didnt mean to upset you." Niall said sadly.

"It's okay mate I'm sure he didnt mean to affend you. Right Harry!" Liam said leave it to Liam to try to fix everything.

"Uh. Uhm yeah sorry Niall." Harry looked to the ground.

"It's cool."

Harry's POV

Ugh when Niall called her HOT? I just wanted to punch him. But he is my best mate and I wouldnt do that to him. It just really pissed me off. Than liam swooped in and helped me cool off. We finally go to the studio. It was kinda late. But simon wouldn't call us here for no reason. But the whole time I couldnt help but think about her. Her smile how right it felt to put my arm around her I have to make her mine. I need to know what makes her tick. What makes her happy. What her deepest fear is.

"Harry are you okay?" I heard simon say I didnt even notice we were in his office.

"Uhh ya. Just tired." Totally bad lie.

"Ya sure. Anyways boys I know I told you guys you had a month off before touring. I lied." He had said our faces got sad. But than he smiled.

"You guys have 4 months off."

"YES!" We all said.

"Is that it? I mean like are we done here I'm really tired." Lie.

He looked at me totally confused.

"Uh yeah bye boys."

"See ya simon." We left

Yessi's POV

"Hey Sal I'm clocking out. I'm going to head home."

"Okay you think you can come in tomorrow?" She said with puppy dog eyes.

"Ya sure ill come everyday. As long as I get payed. Haha. What time tomorrow?"

"Ehh. Like 11. Is that okay?"

"I dont see why not I have no plans. I'll see you than. Night."

I started to walk home. It was dark and cold.thank god I live a few blocks down. I decided I should text the boys.


To: DaddyLiam, BooBear, Niallster, ZaynieBaby, HazzaLove

hey boys. just got off work just thought I let you know.

8:00 p.m


From: BooBear

Okay we will be right over.. Bringing the gang.




be there in a hour?



To: DaddyLiam, BooBear

Sure thats fine see you then?



From: HazzaLove

cant wait to see you again. cant stop thinking of you. xx


That made me blush I got to my house open the door and locked it and went straight to my room.

To: HazzaLove

Awww thats sweet bet you say that to all the pretty girls you meet? see you later heartbreaker. xx

I put my music on and took a shower. I started singing to Ed Sheeran 'Drunk'

by the time I got out the shower it was 8:50p.m


I hurried up and grabbed some clothes. I decided to go with my dark grayish skinny jeans with my black long sleeve and black toms. I put my rings on and my necklace. I went to the bathroom brushed my teeth real quick and put light eyeliner, mascara and a little blush. By the time my door knocked I was ready. I ran to the door.

Harry's POV

She called me a heartbreaker. I got to admit I have broken a few hearts in my day but I would never break hers. We knocked on the door and you can hear Ed Sheeran 'Let it out' I smiled cause that and 'Kiss You' were my favorite from him. I guess she likes him aswell.

"Who is it?" She said so softly.

"Its Bob the Builder." We laughed.

"Who do you think." Niall said

She opened the door. She absolutely looked amazing.

"Well come on in. Make your self comfy."

I walked next to her and Niall sat in the kitchen.

Yessi's POV

I think harry likes me? He will never leave my side and don't get me wrong I'm really happy if he does but I dont know I just dont wanna get hurt. But anyways. One Direction are in my house. And thats when I saw them. My girl idols.

"Yessika this is Danielle, Danielle this is Yessika" Liam introducing us.

I shooked her hand "It's a pleasure to meet you Danielle I think you are very beautiful and may I say I'm really happy you guys are back together." She smiled at me and let go of my hand

"It's very nice to meet you too. And thank you so are you."

"Come on in and sit. Please make yourself at home." She walked in hand in hand with Liam.

"Eleanor this is Yessika, Yessika this is Eleanor." Omg I'm meeting Eleanor.

"Hi its nice to meet you I aswell think you are really gorgeous."

"Aww your too cute. You and I are going to be best friends." She said as she hugged me. Than she went into the livingroom than Zayn came in with 4 other girls

"Yessika this is my girlfriend Perrie and Perrie this is Yessika"

"It's nice to meet you Yessika and this is Leigh-Anne, Jesy, and Jade." Pointing to each member of Little Mix.

"Oh hi I'm Yessika. Nice to meet you guys. I'm sorry but I'm just really happy to meet you guys." I hugged jesy.

"Never change don't let anyone tell you, you are fat cause you aren't you are beautiful!" I let go of her and a tear escaped from my eye.

"Oh babe why are you crying?" Jesy asked

"It's just you guys are insperational I mean especially you Jesy all my life I was made fun of being told I was ugly and fat. And than I heard you guys and than wings and I was like ef' all the haters."

"Awwww" All the girls said and hugged me.


(long chapter sorry. but comment and tell me what you think. ill try to post some tomorrow and the week after that I have spring break so ill post alot. promise.)

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