Its Everything You Do

what happens when a fan moves to england starts her first day at her new job and meets her idols? see's the boy of her dreams and hangs out with them? would it be a dream come true or will it quickly blow up in her face. leaving her laying naked on the floor?


33. 7 years later

** 7 years later **


**Harry's POV**


"Darcy Isabel Styles come her now!" My beautiful wife yelled at our daughter

"Coming mummy." She said coming towards her. We have been married for 6 years now happy and going strong. Liam and Danielle are good everyone is at our flat having a little party. a Celebration. Everyone is married now and have our own little kids. Liam and Danielle have a little boy his name is Andy. Of Course like Toy Story, Louis and Eleanor have a little girl her name is Isabella, Zayn has stopped smoking for 3 years now and him and Perrie has a little girl aswell her name is Jessica, Niall and Mariana has a little boy named Alejandro, after M.Y.J ended Mariana and Yessika haven't talked her she went all melodromatic and went back to the USA and Andy and Jade are still together and they also have a little girl named Jazmeen. All the kids are a year or so apart. lets just say they are just like their parents always singing and eating, or singing and dancing, singing and wearing strips. Lets just say if there is a beat they will make up some random lyrics and sing. Me and the boys still sing but we are no longer a together as One Direction, of course we do do little shows here and ther and people stop us on the street and ask for a picture. We all live within blocks from eachother well Niall and Mariana live in Ireland but they visit a lot.

"Harry!" Yessi called me snapping out of my thought.



** Yessi's POV **


I yelled at my Husband. *sigh*  I can't believe we are married it is the best thing ever. He came and hugged me from behind.

"Yes love?" He said kissing my neck sencing shivers down my spine.

"Can you take Darcy into the play room with all the other kids. I want to finish cooking and she keeps getting into things." He grabbed her from me and kissed er on her cheek spinning her around like if she was an airplane.

"Is someone bothering mummy?" He asked holding her she shook her head no.

"Well than why don't we go bother Uncle Lou?" He said she smiled and shok her head vigerously.

"Yeah. Lets go put me in stripes." She said with a smirk on her face.

"Hey Aunty Yessi." Lux came in and sat at the table she is about 15 now. She looks so much like her mother.

"Hey love what's up?" I asked her in my almost British accent living here for as long as I did it grew on me.

"Nothing. Need any help?" She asked smiling.

"Ya sure. Can you set the table?" I asked and she nodded doing so.

"You remind me so much of me and your mother." She laughed.

"I know i see it too facial wise I'm just like her but attitude wise I'm like you. haha. Well its understandable you and my mother were always around each other." She said laughing as she put the last plate down.

"How is your mother. Is she here?" I asked I missed Lou.

"Yea she is in the living room talking to the boys." She said smiling.

"Okay well can you go and tell everyone dinner is ready?" I asked and she nodded and left the kitchen. I put the food on the table and got out some drinks.

"FFOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD" I heard Niall and Alejandro scream as they ran into the kitchen of course they would be the first people in here.

"Well hello tou you boys too." I said laughing. Niall kissed me on my cheek and little Alex kissed me on the lips so adorable. Everyone else came in the boys kissing me on the cheek and telling me dinner looks good. We all sat down around the big table eating and laughing.

"haha so LouBear how do you like Darcy's shirt." I heard Harry said sitting down putting Darcy on the chair next to him. I heard Lou gasp

"NO STRIPES ARE MINE!! BUT since you are so adorable and look so cute I'll let you." He said and we all laughed. After dinner everyone went to the den and we watched a movie. The kids were all asleep.. Once the movie was over we sat there just talking about the old days.

"What about the time we pulled Harrys shirt off." Liam said. We all laughed.

"I was at that concert. Best day ever." I said laughing.

"Really?" Louis asked.

"Yeah it was a good show." I said

"Than it was fate that we are together. We are meant to be." Harry said kissing me.

"I guess so." I said laughing

As everyone started talking again I cant help but smile and laugh I have the best family in the world. Even better is that my baby brother and sister and mum are coming to live out here. This is amazing. I'm so grateful I went from a suicidal/no one to a woman married to the wonderful Harry Styles. How did i get so lucky? The night was going well. Everyone was laughing I looked around one more time and a tear escaped my eye.

"Babe what's wrong?" Harry asked

"Nothing I.. I.. I just love you guys. This is the best family I could ever ask for how did i get so lucky?" I said smiling

"Yessi we love you too." Everyone said hugging me. We just sat there smiling and hugging and we just laughed and started playing back memories again. After it hit 3 in the morning we all went to bed.


okay this is the last chapter i will make a new story soon. :) sorry but today May 25th its my 17th birthday. but Kik me: Yessi_Boo and ask me anything or if you have ideas for a story or even if you will like to comment about my story

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