Finding Love... Unexpectedly

My name is Daphnee Jones, and I had no idea that when I went on my summer vacation, I would fall in love. My two best friends and I were getting out of town, and we weren't going to let anything stand in our way. Then something amazing happened to all three of us. We fell in love. Fell in love with some of the most unsuspecting people on planet earth. Here's the story of how it happened.


7. What Were You Doing In The Closet?

Harry's POV

     The more I've thought about Camie and Liam, the more I want Camie for myself. She and Liam haven't made anything official yet, so there's still a chance for me to win her over.

     "Are you all ready to go?" Niall asks, poking his head in my room.

     "I've been ready, just waiting on you grandpas to get goin'," I replied.

     Niall and I grabbed the guys, and we headed down towards the girls' room. I knocked on their door, and heard a, "Just a sec."

     Camie opened the door, and I said, "Hey gorgeous!"

     She blushed, which was absolutely adorable.

     "Hi guys," Jess said, pushing her way through the door. She immediately went over and stood by Zayn.

     Camie and Daph worked their way out into the hallway, and shut the door behind them. Daph walked over to Niall, and before Liam could find Camie, I held out my arm and said, "Shall we?"

     She smiled, took my arm, and we went on our way.


Camille's POV

     Harry held out his arm to me, and I didn't want to be rude, so I took it. I looked back at Liam, and I could tell he was ticked. What's going on? I wondered.

     When we got to the lobby, I heard an extremely loud ruckus. When we turned the corner to head for the front door, a swarm of teenage girls came running after us. Well, came running after the boys. We just happened to be along for the ride.


Liam's POV

     The screaming in the lobby was deafening. I searched for Harry and Camie, and I could tell by the look on her face that she was pretty terrified. I hurried to her side, and grabbed her from Harry's arm. He was gonna be p'd off, but he'd get over it.

     "Come on," I half whispered, half yelled in her ear. She grabbed my hand, and held onto it for dear life. It actually felt pretty good.

     Once we finally got in the limo, and headed down the road, I asked to no one in particular, "How did they find out where we were staying?"

     "Who cares?" Harry asked, obviously perturbed that I had stolen Camie away from him.

     "That was absolutely crazy!" Jess exclaimed.

     "I'm not gonna lie, I was absolutely scared to death!" Camie said.

     "They were like, bloodthirsty vampires," Daph said.

     "It's like that all the time," Louis said.

     "If you're gonna hang out with us, get used to it," Harry said, a little more harshly than he should have.

     "You alright Hazza?" Zayn asked. The other guys obviously had no idea that Harry and I were pretty much fighting over Camie.

     "I'm fine," Harry said.


Jessie's POV

     When we got the the Royal Albert Hall there was another mob of boy-hungry girls, but there was security at the limo door in an instant. They ushered us quickly inside, and then left us as quickly as they had shown up. One man lingered behind, and was talking to Zayn. Then I heard Zayn say, "Thanks Paul."

     The guys led us to a room basktage, and Louis said, "Welcome to one of the dressing rooms."

     "Trust me, it looks much better on concert night when it's full of food," Niall said.

     We all laughed, and Niall replied, "What? I like food!"

     "Well guys," Harry said. "We have about thirty minutes before we have to head out for sound check. Why don't we grab a girl and show her around?"

     Zayn quickly came to my side and said, "I call this one!"

     I looked up at him, saw him smile, and my insides quivered.

     Daph and Niall locked arms, and I saw Liam quickly walk over to Camie and grab her hand.

     "Shall we?" I asked Zayn.

     "See you guys later," Zayn said, as he led me out of the room.

     We walked for a little while in silence, and we both got ready to talk at the same time.



     "Go ahead," I said.

     "I need to apologize for this morning," he said.

     "Apologize for what?" I asked, acting totally clueless.

     He looked at me, his face registering hurt. "I was only kidding," I said, chuckling. "Do you honestly think I didn't notice you totally snubbing me?"

     He had smiled, but then his face took on the look of hurt again.

     "I'm not good at this," I said, laughing.

     He smiled again, and I smiled too.

     "I didn't mean to snub you," he said after a moment of silence. "I wasn't sure what you thought about last night, or if you even remembered it. I was so confused at what came over me, and I didn't know if you were mad, or hurt, or what. If I hurt you that wasn't my intention."

     He was talking so fast he was almost impossible to understand. I put a finger to his lips, and he stopped talking.

     "I'm sorry. I was rambling wasn't I?" He asked.

     "Just a little," I replied.

     We both smiled, and we kind of got lost in each other's eyes. He grabbed my hand, and whisked me into a nearby closet.

     "What was that all about?" I asked.

     He didn't answer, and shoved his lips onto mine. We stayed like that, lip-locked for a while, until I finally pulled away, breathless.

     "What? What's wrong?" He asked.

     "I can't breath," I said chuckling.

     He smiled, and I smiled back. He has such a gorgeous face, although it was kind of hard to see in the dim light of the closet. 

     We heard people in the hallway calling our names, and I whispered, "What do we do?"

     "We walk out," he said. He planted another soft kiss on my lips, and before I could do anything, he opened the door and dragged me out with him.


Niall's POV

     We were all standing in the hallway, when Zayn and Jess burst out of a nearby closet. Her face was extremely flush, and he had a smirk on his face.

     "Now, I wonder what you two could have been doing in the closet," Louis said sarcastically.

     "Uhm, we were just looking for something," Zayn said. I could tell he was trying not to laugh.

     "What? Each other's lips?" I asked.

     Jess's face turned a deeper shade of red, and we all laughed.

     "Oh Jess," Harry said. "You picked a good one."

    Jess and Zayn looked at each other and smiled, then we all went out into the arena to get set up for the concert. Daph's hand in mine the whole way.




(What the girls were wearing to rehearsals:

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