Finding Love... Unexpectedly

My name is Daphnee Jones, and I had no idea that when I went on my summer vacation, I would fall in love. My two best friends and I were getting out of town, and we weren't going to let anything stand in our way. Then something amazing happened to all three of us. We fell in love. Fell in love with some of the most unsuspecting people on planet earth. Here's the story of how it happened.


8. Were We That Good?

Dapnee's POV

     Niall grabbed my hand, and held it while we walked into the arena where they were going to be singing. The place was massive, and as I looked out at all of the seats, I couldn't imagine performing when they were all filled.

     "Have you guys ever been here before?" Harry asked.

     "No, never," I replied.

     "This place is huge!" Camie exclaimed, standing on the stage and looking out into the empty seats.

     "Hey boys!" We heard someone say. We all turned to look at the opposite end of the stage, and saw Simon Cowell. Simon Cowell, as in the guy who found One Direction.

     Jess was standing next to me and whispered in my ear, "I wonder if he's as much of a butt-hole in person as he is on t.v."

     "Don't worry, he's not," Niall whispered back.

     Jess smiled slyly, and Niall smirked.

     "I thought I'd come and see how you boys were coming along. It seems you've brought along a few new friends," he said after looking around at all of us.

     Louis came around to us all, and introduced us. Simon shook all of our hands in accordance to how Louis introduced us. When he had made his way around the circle, he said, "Alright boys, down to business. Set your lady friends down in the first few seats, and get ready to practice."

     "I'll show them where to sit," Zayn volunteered, and we followed him off the stage and to the first row of seats. When he had seated us, he kissed Jess lightly on the cheek, then headed back up to the stage. Camie and I looked at Jess, expecting and explanation for what we had seen not ten minutes earlier. She blushed and just said, "Later."

     If she thought I was going to forget about it, she had another thing coming. I was going to find out, one way or another.


Liam's POV

     Zayn showed the girls down to the floor, and led them to some seats on the front row, then he headed back up to the stage with the rest of us. I looked down at Camie, and she just smiled at me. God, I couldn't get enough of that smile.

     The lads and I hooked up our mics, and did a little test before we actually launched into a song. We sang "Little Things" to start off, and then sang "One Thing" and "What Makes You Beautiful." I couldn't help but stare at Camie the entire time we were singing. For some reason, the songs had more meaning to me today. Like they had all been written just for her, and she was the only person in the Hall.

     When we had finished singing, I just continued staring at her until I heard someone clear their throat from behind me. I jumped, kind of startled, and turned to see Harry. He said, loud enough for everyone to hear, "Take a picture mate. It lasts longer."

     The other guys laughed, and I could feel my face turn red. I looked down at Camie, and mouthed the word, "Sorry." She just looked at me and smiled.

     "I wonder," Louis said. "If our little friends down there can sing."

     The girls all looked at each other, and were all very quick to look back up and shake their heads no.

     Harry rushed down and grabbed Camie. "This lovely little thing here has to have a voice," he said, dragging her up on the stage. A sudden wave of anger rushed over me as I saw Camie's face register a look of fear. She must have extreme stage fright.

     "She doesn't have to sing if she doesn't want to," I said, glaring at Harry.

     He let go of her arm, and raised his hands up in defense. "Hey, I just wanted to see if these pretty girls could sing." Then he put on a pouty look, and I saw Jess and Daph come up on the stage.

     "Awh, don't cry Harry," Jess said as she wrapped him in a hug and then gave him a nuggie, messing up his hair.

     "Hey! Nobody touches the hair!" Harry said, playfully shoving her away from him.

     "I can't sing," Jess said, walking over to Niall. "But I know somebody who can!" She said rather loudly. She then whispered in his ear, and his face lit up into a smile.

     "Lads, I think we have a couple canaries over here who need a little push to let their songs fly," Niall said.

     He walked over to where we had our guitars set up on the stage, and handed one to Daph. She shakily took it in her hands, and just looked at Niall.

     "Please Love? We're the only ones here," he said almost too pleadingly.

     "Only if Camie will play the piano," she said giving Camie a sideways glance.

     Camie slowly relented, and walked over to the piano we had set up. Daph strapped the guitar around herself, and Jess pulled out a portable conga from the side of the stage. I honestly didn't even know we had one of those.

     The lads and I walked over to the corner of the stage, and gave the girls free reign.

     Daph gave the other girls a wary look, then looked over at Niall. He gave her a reassuring smile, and she began to play.

     They played an acoustic version of "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri. Sure, they could play pretty well, but I had no idea the Daphnee was such a good singer, and Camie did backup harmony really well. I think we were all surprised.


Camille's POV

     We finished singing, and we looked over at all the guys. They were all just standing there, not moving. In my head, all I could do was think, Ugh! They hated it! And now they're going to hate us!

     Then, we heard someone start clapping. It was someone behind the boys. We all turned to see who it was. It was Simon. We all thought he had left because he had disappeared right after the boys had finished rehearsing. "Wow! Pretty, and amzing singers! You boys picked some good ones," Simon said playfully.

     "Wait, you thought we were good?" Daph asked, taking off her guitar and setting it back on the stand. Jess put the conga back up, and headed over to where we were all standing.

     "You guys were amazing!" Niall exclaimed, grabbing Daph and spinning her around in a big hug.

     Liam came over to my side, and placed a gentle kiss on my forehead. "I don't know why you were so scared. You girls did amazing," he said.

     We all just smiled, and thanked them.

     "I've not heard a good girl group like that in a long time," Simon said. "Are you girls signed to a record deal?"

     "A record deal?" Jess asked.

     "We're not that good," I said, looking at the other girls, and they shaking their heads in agreement.

     "I thought you were pretty good. And I think the boys did as well," he said, looking around at the shaking heads.

     "Were we really that good?" Daph asked Niall. "Because we were all scared stiff to sing in front of you guys. Especially Camie and I. We get awful stage fright. Like, I passed out on stage once."

     "Well that's not good," Louis said. "I'm glad you didn't pass out here."

     "Well, we were singing in front of like six people," I replied. "It's not like you guys. Singing in front of millions of people every time you perform. I don't think I could ever do that."

     "If you girls happen to change your minds about that, you should contact me," Simon said as he headed off stage, and out the doors.

     After Simon had left the building, Jess asked aloud what I know the three of us were wondering. "Did he just offer us a record deal?"



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