Finding Love... Unexpectedly

My name is Daphnee Jones, and I had no idea that when I went on my summer vacation, I would fall in love. My two best friends and I were getting out of town, and we weren't going to let anything stand in our way. Then something amazing happened to all three of us. We fell in love. Fell in love with some of the most unsuspecting people on planet earth. Here's the story of how it happened.


2. Settling In

     I woke up to Camie shaking my shoulder and saying, "Time to get up."

     "Are we there already?" I asked groggily.

     "Almost," Jess said from my other side. "You slept like a log."

     I chuckled, and stretched my arms. The Fasten Your Seat-belts sign flashed overhead, and the three of us buckled our seat-belts.

     When we landed at the airport, we walked to the luggage drop-off, and waited for our bags to come around. We were waiting for Jess to find her last bag, when we heard girls start screaming. We turned around to see this mob of girls go running across the airport lobby. Jess grabbed her last bag, and we walked around the corner to see what the commotion was all about. We saw what looked like a group of guys about our age, but couldn't really tell who it was. We decided it was probably just a celebrity or someone like that, and headed to the front doors.

     Jess hailed a taxi, we put our bags in the trunk, and headed to the hotel.


Camille's POV

     I am so I was able to get off that plane. I don't know how Daph slept the entire way. I was way too nervous to do anything but worry. The weirdest thing happened when we got in the airport lobby. We heard these girls like literally screaming their heads off. The girls and I went to go see what it was, and it was pretty much a mob around this group of guys. I don't know who it was, but they must've been pretty important.


Jessie's POV

     Screaming girls really get on my nerves. That's the main reason I hate going to concerts. IN the airport lobby, we saw this group of guys practically being mauled by screaming girls. I don't think I could do the celebrity life. I would probably go insane. The girls and I didn't feel like sticking around to see who the victims were, so we just left and got in a taxi. We're on our way to the hotel now.


Daphnee's POV

     The taxi driver pulled up and parked in front of the address I gave him. My parents made all of the reservation plans, and when he parked the car, I was sure he went to the wrong address. I checked the name on the paper, and it said Royal Garden Hotel. I looked at the sign on the hotel, and it read the same.

     "No way!" Jess exclaimed.

     "Is this the right address?" Camie asked.

     "It looks like it," I answered. "This is absolutely ridiculous. This had to cost our parents and arm and a leg."

     The three of us got out of the taxi, grabbed our bags from the trunk, payed the taxi-driver, and made our way inside. There was a bellhop waiting outside the spinning doors with a luggage cart. He took our bags, and followed us inside. I stopped at the front desk and made sure our reservations were secured. The hotel clerk gave me three room keys, and I gave each of the girls one of the keys. We then loaded into the elevator, and made our way up to the eighth floor.

     The bellhop was still following us with our luggage as we reached our room. I unlocked the door, and the bellhop brought our luggage in. "Where would you young ladies like me to set your bags?"

     "Oh, on the floor by the door is fine. Thank you," I replied. He nodded his head, and set to it.

     The girls and I dropped our purses on one of the beds, and just gaped at the room. It was exquisite. Just the way that the room was set up and decorated made me realize that we weren't in the United States anymore.

     "Get a load of this place!" Jess said, as she flopped down on the sofa.

     "This is absolutely amazing," Camie gasped in response.

     The bellhop cleared his throat, and said, "If that will be all. I wish you ladies a wonderful stay here at the Royal Garden."

     I tipped him, thanked him for his help, and closed the door as he and the luggage cart made their way out of our room.


Camille's POV

     I have never seen anything like this place before. It's one of the most gorgeous things I've ever seen. "I feel like I need to be royalty to stay here," I said.

     The other two girls nodded their heads in agreement. "Guess what I saw on our way in?" Jess asked,

     "What?" I answered.

     "I saw a Masseuse!" She replied.

     "No way!" Daph replied.

     "Yes way!" Jess answered. "Shall we?"

     "I think so," I replied.

     We shed our traveling clothes, and rummaged through our bags to find yoga pants and tanks. When we were dressed and ready, we grabbed our phones, room keys, and headed out the door. Jess was the first person out the door, and she wasn't looking when she entered the hallway. She bumped into someone, and they both fell to the ground with a big thump.

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