Finding Love... Unexpectedly

My name is Daphnee Jones, and I had no idea that when I went on my summer vacation, I would fall in love. My two best friends and I were getting out of town, and we weren't going to let anything stand in our way. Then something amazing happened to all three of us. We fell in love. Fell in love with some of the most unsuspecting people on planet earth. Here's the story of how it happened.


10. Feelings??

Daphnee's POV

     I woke up the next morning, with a major headache. The loud music from the night before must have been too much for me to handle. I slowly got out of bed, and stumbled my way to the bathroom. I turned the water on as hot as I could stand, then stepped in. It felt so good just to let the water run over me.

     I stood there for awhile, then after washing, I got out. I looked at myself in the mirror, and fingered the small scar on my right hip. Just thinking about it made me want to break down and cry. But not today. I have too much to be happy about.

     I saw my phone buzz on the sink, and looked at it:

From: Niall Horan

Good Morning Beautiful!! I'm not sure what you girls have planned today, but the lads and I were hoping you would like to join us in a little fun on our day off... What do you say?


To: Niall Horan

That sounds like so much fun!! I'm sure the other girls would love to!! What would we be doing??


From: Niall Horan

That's for us to know... and you to find out!! :P


To: Niall Horan

You're horrible!! :( Jk... see you guys in a few!!


      My heart started racing, and I couldn't imagine what they had planned for the day... but I couldn't wait to find out.


Liam's POV

     Yesterday was awesome, and I feel so honored that we were able to make the girls' first 1D concert so special. I can tell that Zayne and Niall are really into Jess and Daph... and I'm not gonna lie... Camie has really got something special. She just makes me feel, so, good.

     Niall came rushing into my room, and said, "I just texted Daph, and the girls said they were up for it!"

     I sat up in bed, "Really?" I asked.

     "Yeah!" He replied. Then, a little mischievously, "They just don't know what we're doing."

     I laughed as he winked at me, slapped me on the back, then rushed out the door. That kid was just something else.


Jessie's POV

     Daphnee woke us all up a little too early this morning. But, made up for it when she said we were pretty much spending the entire day with the boys!! I couldn't wait!! Only, she had no idea what they had planned. She just said to get ready as quickly as possible, and get ready for some fun. I was nervous, but extremely excited. I get to hang out with Zayne Hotty-Tots Malik all day long!!


Harry's POV

     I woke up with a weird feeling in my chest this morning. My feelings for Daphnee haven't diminished, and I need to tell Niall before something bad happens.

     I dressed quickly, and went to Niall's room to talk to him.

     I knocked on the door, and he quickly opened it. He was a sight to see, one arm in his t-shirt, the other trying to find the hole for his other arm.

     I chuckled slightly, then he said, "Come on in Hazz, I'm just getting ready. The girls agreed to go out with us today! I'm so happy!"

     There was a huge grin on his face, and I almost lost the nerve to tell him what I needed to tell him.

     "Niall, we need to talk..." I began.

     "Sure, about what?" He asked, running a comb through his hair in the bathroom.

     I wiped my sweaty palms on my jeans, and got ready to tell him. No girl had ever made me feel this way, and I didn't want to hurt Niall, so the words just came spilling out, "Niall, I know that you like Daphnee, but I do too. I don't want to hurt you, so that's why I'm telling you now. She's fair game, and I'm not going to just stand by and watch you take her. I'm going to fight for her... I have feelings for her too."

     Niall stopped mid-comb, and just looked at me. "You're kidding me, right mate?"

     "No Niall, I'm not," I replied.

     "I'm not going to lie, I am pretty ticked off, but you just used the word "Feelings" in the same sentence as an actual girl," he replied. "But guess what? No girl has ever meant this much to me... ever. And you always get the girls! So watch out Hazz, because this guy, isn't letting her go that easy!" Niall replied, rather harshly. Then, he grabbed his coat, and left me alone in his room.

     Well, this should be fun! I thought.

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