Finding Love... Unexpectedly

My name is Daphnee Jones, and I had no idea that when I went on my summer vacation, I would fall in love. My two best friends and I were getting out of town, and we weren't going to let anything stand in our way. Then something amazing happened to all three of us. We fell in love. Fell in love with some of the most unsuspecting people on planet earth. Here's the story of how it happened.


4. Dinner?

Daphnee's POV

     The girls and I were pretty much in a daze after seeing the One Direction guys in the hallway.

     "I wonder if they're staying on the same floor as us?" Camie asked.

     Jess shrugged her shoulder, and kept walking.

     We were almost back to our room door when Camie asked, "Jess, are you alright?"

     "Yeah, I'm just so freaking stupid!" She replied furiously, as she swiped her room key car and threw the door open.

     "Why?" I asked, following her into the room. "Just because you accidentally ran into someone in the hallway?"

     "No," she replied. "Because I laughed in Zayn Malik's face! I'm such a retard!" She threw herself down on top of her bed.


Camille's POV

     We walked into our room, and I shut the door behind me. I honestly couldn't believe that we had just met One Direction not two hours earlier, though the circumstances could've been better.

     I pulled my long hair up into a ponytail, and plopped down on the bed beside Jess. "It'll be okay Jess. They won't even remember us, so if we see them again, they'll forget it ever happened," I said.

     "Yeah," Daph added. "That kind of stuff probably happens to them all the time."

     Jess sighed, and closed her eyes.

     "So," I said, trying to lighten the mood. "I heard people talking about how great the food was in the restaurant here. Should we get cleaned up and go find out for ourselves?"

     "Sounds good to me," Daph replied.

     "I guess so," Jess said.

     She got up off the bed, and headed to the bathroom. She emerged about two minutes later with some makeup on, and said, " well, are you guys going with me, or am I going alone?"

     I smiled and jumped up off the bed. I walked over to the closet, and opened the doors. I pulled out three black bags.

     "What are these?" Daph asked.

     "A little surprise," I replied.

     I walked over and sat them on the edge of the closest bed. I unzipped the three bags, and let the girls take a look.

     "Wow, these are so pretty," Jess said.

     "I thought so too," I replied. "I figured we should have some cute, elegant party dresses while in London, so I picked up a few. Then, seeing how fancy this hotel was, I figured we should break them out tonight."

     There was an emerald green, one strap dress with sequins on it, and Jess called that one immediately. She grabbed it out of the bag, and ran to the bathroom to do her hair.

     I chose the strapless, black, silk dress, and Daph chose the white, sweetheart strapless dress with a small, gathered bow at the waist. I couldn't wait to see the three of us in these dresses. We were going to look fabulous.


Jessie's POV

     I stood in front of the full-length mirror in the bathroom, and looked at myself. My hair was up in a soft, but elegant bun. I had just enough makeup on, along with my green dress, and white heels. I was even a little surprised at how nice I could clean up.

     I walked out of the bathroom, and saw that the other girls had gotten dressed as well. Daph had her hair down and curly, and light makeup on that made her blue eyes sparkle. She was wearing a white, fitted, strapless dress with a bow on the side of it, and black heels. Camie was wearing a black, strapless dress, with ruby red heels, and her hair was half up. She was sporting just a little bit of makeup as well.

     "Girls, we look hot!" I exclaimed.

     "Ha, ha. We do look pretty good don't we?" Daph replied.

     After we all took one last look in the mirror, we grabbed our phones and room keys, and headed out the door.


Zayn's POV

     The boys and I were walking down the hallway when suddenly someone came out of their room door. I ran into her, and we both went crashing to the ground. I pulled myself up off of her, and looked into the amazing, emerald green eyes of the redhead who ran into me earlier.

     "I hope we don't always meet like this," I said, looking at her and smiling.

     I stood up, and leaned down to help her up. She looked absolutely stunning. She was wearing a green, sparkly dress, that was short and had one strap. Her hair was up, exposing her shoulders and neck, and I couldn't help but stare at those beautiful, full lips of hers.

     "I'm sorry," she said, blushing.

     "It's not your fault," I replied. "This time, it was all me."

     "Where are you beautiful ladies headed off to?" Harry asked.

     "We were just going down to dinner," the blondehead, Camille replied.

     "We were too," Liam replied. After a moment, he asked, "Would the three of you care to join us?"

     "The three of us?" The brunette, Daphnee asked.

     "Yeah, that sounds like a great idea," Niall added.

     The three girls looked at each other, then back at us, and shook their heads yes.

     "Shall we?" I asked, offering my arm to Jessie.

     She smiled, took my arm, and we headed off down the hallway.


Niall's POV

     Of course Zayn would run into the same girl who ran into him earlier. I thought it only fair that we ask them to dinner. Although I'm sure Harry had an alterior motive. Zayn offered his arm to Jessie, Liam offered his to Camille, and I offered mine to Daphnee. That left Harry and Louis to walk by themselves, but I'm sure they'll survive.

     Daphnee looked extremely pretty in her white, short, strapless dress. It showed off her shoulders, and her legs. Things that I accidentally caught myself staring at too much.

     I could tell that the girls were nervous being around us, but I hoped that they would start to feel more comfortable around us as the night wore on.

     We got out of the elevator on the lobby floor, and started heading out the doors.

     "Where are we going?" Daphnee asked.

     "Out to dinner," I replied.

     "Oh, we thought you meant here in the restaurant of the hotel."

     "Well, this place is nice," Liam said looking back at us. "But we'd like to take you ladies somewhere a little nicer."

     Daphnee just looked at me. I smiled, and lead her out the front doors.


Liam's POV

     Camille was so pretty and refined. Her blonde hair was absolutely gorgeous, and I could just stare at her all night long.

     We led the girls outside, and to a waiting limo.

     "We're going in that?" I heard Jessie ask.

     "Well, we couldn't exactly take you girls out in a taxi cab now could we?" I replied.

     Zayn smiled at her, and helped her into the limo. I let Camille in, and Niall let Daphnee in, then the five of us filed in after them. The three girls sat across from us in the limo, and the five of us across from them.


Daphnee's POV

     The guys all looked handsome in their tuxes, but I think Niall looked the best. After the limo ride, which took about fifteen minutes, we got out at Arcadia's. Italian food is one of my favorite's, and I couldn't wait. The boys got out, and each one helped us out of the limo. I was actually surprised that we had made it from the hotel, to the restaurant without any crazy fans attacking us.

     We walked in, and a waitress seated us.

     "Have you girls ever been here before?" Louis asked us.

     "Never," I replied.

     "Do you know what you would like?" Zayn asked Jess.

     "No idea," she replied, smiling.

     "Why don't you let us order for you girls?" Niall asked.

     "Sure, why not?" Camie replied.

     Niall hailed the waitress, and she came over to take our orders. "Nous aimerions avoir deux bouteilles de votre meilleur vin, et huit ordres de vos spaghettis au homard, s'il vous plaît."

     "Tout de suite, mouisseur," she replied.

     "You speak French?" I leaned over and asked him.

     "Only a little," he laughed, and smiled at me.

     "A little?" Jess asked. "I took four years of Spanish and I can pretty much just ask 'Where is the bathroom?'"

     That got everyone laughing, and Harry replied, "That sounds about like me."

     The waitress came back with our wine, and let Niall taste it. When he was satisfied it was good, the waitress filled the rest of our glasses.

     "Merci," I said, as she filled mine.

     "Vous êtes les bienvenus," she replied.

     "Well what about you?" Niall asked. "It sounds like you know a little French yourself."

     "Eh, one word doesn't count as 'knowing' French," I chuckled. He smiled at me, and we all continued talking until our food came.


Camille's POV

     Liam is one of the nicest people I've ever met. He's not doing all the talking, but he is asking me questions about my life and family, and making me feel like he actually cares and wants to know more about me. I looked at the other girls, and saw that they were deep in conversation with Zayn and Niall. I saw Harry looking at Daphnee from across the table. He saw me, and then looked away. I wonder what that was all about.

     "Oh good! Food's here," he said, as the waitress set our plates in front of us.

     "I'm starving!" Zayn said.

     We all sat and ate, and from what I could tell, we all had a really good time.

     When we were done, we all stood up to go back to the limo. This time, Liam sat next to me, and Zayn and Niall did the same with Jess and Daph.

     "Oh, just call me Jess," I heard Jessie said to Zayne.

     "Yeah, and just call me Daph and her Camie," Daphnee said pointing to herself then me.

     "I like those nicknames. They're cute," Liam said, which made me blush again.

     Why am I so easily embarrassed? It's driving me crazy!


Niall's POV

     Dinner went extremely well, and we all got to know the girls better. They are all so sweet and down to earth. A lot different than the girls that we meet and concerts and on tour. Daphnee is so interesting. I just want to know more and more about her. I find myself dreading the moment when we say goodnight to them at their door tonight.

     We helped the girls out of the limo, and walked them up to their door. We took the elevator ride in silence, with only the jazz elevator music playing in the background.

     "Ohhh yeah!" Harry said. "This is my jam!"

     That got us all laughing, which I was happy for. The silence was getting a little awkward. Zayn and Liam walked their girls to the door, watched them as they went in, said goodbye, then left. Which I thought was odd. But Daphnee and I lingered behind a little bit.

     "I had a really good time tonight," I said looking at her and smiling.

     "I did to Niall. Thank you for inviting us," she replied.

     "I hope I get to see you again Daphnee," I said.

     "I do too," she replied.

     I grabbed her hand, and kissed it, then went on my way down the hallway. I heard the door to her room close, and knew she was inside. I just smiled to myself, and let myself in my room as well. I will be making a point to see her again.



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