Shy Girl

You know that one shy girl who's afriad to speak up? That one girl who sits in the back of the class hoping not to get called on? That one girl who gets called every name in the book? Well sadly that girl is me. My name is Jessica Localo, I get bullied everyday but come home to a loving family. In school I'm quiet but at home I'm not that is until the accident. My parents and brothers were driving home when the car got hit and flipped several times. My parents and brother died and my other brother got stuck in a coma until he died. Anyway one day in school a certian British boy came into my class I thought he was a jock or popular but turns out he's just like me.


1. This Guy

Jessica's P.O.V


"watch it slut" Amber Smith snarled at me as I tripped going into class. I was devestated today, it was the day after the accident and I was living alone being bullied everyday. 


****FLASH BACK******


J=Jessica N=Nurse





N"this is northville hospital we have some bad news"


N"your family was in a crash your parents and brother Steve died instantly but Garry was slipped into a coma but died on the way here, I am so sorry"

J "i-i-its ok"

N"goodbye darling"




I walked into the class with people staring at my red puffy eyes, nobody knew. I sat down in my original seat waiting for this day to end but then the teacher spoke up "class we have a new student, Mr.Payne you can come in" "uh hi I'm Liam" the curly haired British boy spoke, "ok Mr.Payne you may go sit next to hmm" all the girls were hoping he'd sit next to them but Mrs.Davik had a new idea "jessica" I froze as he walked over to me, "bitch" Amber mumbled, tears filled my eyes but I held them back I know bitch isn't that bad but the day after you family dies it sting your eyes. "Hi I'm Liam I'm guessing you Jessica"? yeah I said shyly. 

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