Shy Girl

You know that one shy girl who's afriad to speak up? That one girl who sits in the back of the class hoping not to get called on? That one girl who gets called every name in the book? Well sadly that girl is me. My name is Jessica Localo, I get bullied everyday but come home to a loving family. In school I'm quiet but at home I'm not that is until the accident. My parents and brothers were driving home when the car got hit and flipped several times. My parents and brother died and my other brother got stuck in a coma until he died. Anyway one day in school a certian British boy came into my class I thought he was a jock or popular but turns out he's just like me.


2. The Truth

Liam walked over to me as I made my way to the front steps to eat. "Jessica?" Yeah Liam? "well um can I sit with you" Don't yu wanna sit with the popular kids considering your one of them? I snarled. "wow you really don't know me" Liam said while tears filled his eyes he ran to a beat up green pick up truck and layed is head on the hood holding back the tears. Liam? I asked concerned. "what"? he said harshly which made me sob. 'shh Jessica it's ok come here" He picked me up and we sat in the back of the truck."tell me whats wrong you can trust me" Well the truth is, I started to tear up then let it out. Everyday I get bulled and nobody cares my parents did but yesterday they they died, today I came hoping people wouldn't bully me even though nobody knew I just hoped. I showed him my wrists filled with cuts. "Jessica it's ok" Liam why did you get upset a few minutes ago? I said concerned. "well I used to get bullied thats why I transfered here, I cut to *he showed me his wrists* My parents died in a crash yesterday, a drunk driver hit them and they hit the car infront of them it was terible I was at home when I got the call and I sobbed for hours, I was hoping coming here would give me a fresh start" I started to cry as he pulled me in for a hug. "Things will get better heartbreak doesn't last forever,but I do I'll always be there for you" He sang to me in the most wonderful voice ever. I smiled and look up at him, wow Liam your an amazing singer but who wrote that song? I questioned hm confused. "thanks *he smiled* I wrote it" It's awesome. "thanks, well we missed two classes and I need to go apartment shopping would you care to come" I would love to Mr.Payne. "Haha well lets go Ms.?" Localo. I told him. "well lets go Ms.Localo"


****skip ride****


"wow I like this one" Yeah this ones nice Li. "hey uh Jessica" Yeah Liam? "um I was wondering since we both lost our family and need a place to live if maybe you'd wanna move in with me?" I stood there shocked, Yes Li I'd love to!



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