Shy Girl

You know that one shy girl who's afriad to speak up? That one girl who sits in the back of the class hoping not to get called on? That one girl who gets called every name in the book? Well sadly that girl is me. My name is Jessica Localo, I get bullied everyday but come home to a loving family. In school I'm quiet but at home I'm not that is until the accident. My parents and brothers were driving home when the car got hit and flipped several times. My parents and brother died and my other brother got stuck in a coma until he died. Anyway one day in school a certian British boy came into my class I thought he was a jock or popular but turns out he's just like me.


4. Accidental Love

Liam's P.O.V


Today is mine and Jessica's two year friendship anniversery we have both been out of school for a year now and we still live together. Tonight I had the best night planned, we would eat her favorite food tacos, watch her favorite movie toy story (awesome isn't it) and lastly have her favorite dessert, triple fudge chocolate lava cake with whip cream on top.


We were just starting to watch the movie when I accidently knocked Jess over, I went to pick her up and our eyes met. Her baby blue eyes sparkling into mine, her perfect blonde hair curled at the tips and straightened through the rest, her pink soft lips which smelled so good like freshly picked straw berry's. I wanted nothing else but to kiss her.


Jessica's P.O.V


Liam bumped into by mistake and I fell over it didn't hurt but he still helped me up. As soon as he did our eyes met. His chocolate brown eyes looking like a sea of sparkle. His straight hair touching my forehead tickling me, his pink dreamy lips screaming "kiss me kiss me" I wanted to kiss him so bad.


Liam's P.O.V


I know I shouldn't do this but I can't help it. I leaned in and kissed her. I held her by the waist she wrapped her arms around my neck, it was perfect. She was standing on her tiptoes to reach me, I was bent over with my hair over her forehead. but then I did something I regret. I ran into my room.

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