Forever and Always(a Louis tomlinson fanfic)16+

(warning has adult language and stuff)Alison has alot of problems. One is that she is bald(u know what i mean when i say that)and she gets bullied alot. Ect. but when one direction comes to San Diego she gets alot more problems


18. Update(sorry its not a chapter)

Hi My Little Carrots I just Wanted to say that I need One person that Wants to Be Nialls New GirlFriend. And One to Be Alison`s Thrid Best Friend For Part 2. 

Here`s How you Enter:


Hair Color:

Eye color:

Favourite thing to do:


Now for the Best Friend Its Pretty Much the Same. Good Luck My Little Carrots.BYEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!My Little Carrots!!!!!!!!!

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