Forever and Always(a Louis tomlinson fanfic)16+

(warning has adult language and stuff)Alison has alot of problems. One is that she is bald(u know what i mean when i say that)and she gets bullied alot. Ect. but when one direction comes to San Diego she gets alot more problems


10. The Next Day

Alison`s P O V

I woke up to something i don`t know how or what it was. But when I woke up I was On the Kichen Floor Naked and I Had this salty gooy taste in me mouth. then my mind started to refresh going back to school, the bullying, meeting Louis and the boys, Then the worst of all Dylon Raped me i thought the he was the best brother in the world. what happened to him?

"O look your up.", Dylon said in a really mean way

"Who are you Dylon, What happened to you?!", I said confused at how he was reacting 

"I don`t Know the way you acted like a bitch!", He yelled

" what do you mean I never acted like a bitch. I was always so nice to you!", I said and with that I ran to my room got my backpack throw some clothes in there 

I was going to run away. But Once I got to the front door Dylon Grabbed my arm.

"Where the hell are you going!", He shouted in my face 

O god I smelt so bad.

"School.", I said while leving forever

I decided to go to Angeline`s House.

Angeline`s P O V

I had just barly woke from a long dream Of Harry. Damn He Is So Fucking HOT!!!! Then I heard someone knoking at my door. My parents are back?

I opened the door and a very sad and tired Alison Was standing at my door step.

"Hey.", Alison said

"Hey, why u here so early?", I asked

"Can I tell you inside I don`t think its really safe to tell you here?'', Alison Asked

"Sure.", I said while geting inside and sitting on the couch

"Well When I got home yeterday. Dylon Was drunk. He started saying all these wired things. But then He jumped On me and ripped off all my clothes and...and..Raped me!", Alison said while my jaw dropped 

"WHAT!!!???!!", i SAID In shock




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