Forever and Always(a Louis tomlinson fanfic)16+

(warning has adult language and stuff)Alison has alot of problems. One is that she is bald(u know what i mean when i say that)and she gets bullied alot. Ect. but when one direction comes to San Diego she gets alot more problems


1. School and Out of the Hospital

Alison`s p o v

"Ok are u ready to go?",My brother said

"Ya.", I replied leaving the hospital

Let me give you a little info. My name is Alison i`m 17 and live with my 20 year old brother named Dylon(My parents left us when Dylon was 16 and I was 12 hes been taking care of me since) . O and i just got out of the hospital from Breast Canser. I`m still bald but the doctor recomened a wig for me. And i live in San Diego. O and i love One direction.

(The Next Day)(School)

Alison`s P O V

"Hey get down u don`t want to be late for your first day back in School!",Dylon shouted happily

"Ok, be down there in a sec.", I said while putting on my wig

I had red skinny Jeans, A One direction T-shirt, UgS, and a head band to keep the wig in place.(the wig was brown)

"Someone`s happy today." I said coming down the stairs

"I`m just SOO happy your back." Dylon said hugging me


"Me too.", I said kissing his cheek (In a brother sister way)

"Ok, come on lets get in the car.", Dylon said

"O and don`t forget your job at Giant Pizza King they really need u back.", Dylon said quickly while geting in the car

O ya I also have a job at Giant Pizza King, Yummmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!

(skipping the drive to school)

"Have a good day at school, Love u." Dylon said while kissing my cheek(again in a borther and sister way)

"You smell good.", Dylon said amyzed

"It`s called perfume, ever heard of it.", I said giggling

"Bye.", I said

"Well your brother got hotter.", A famillir voice said

I turned around and there I saw My BEST FRIEND!!!!!

"ANGELINE!!!!!!!!.", I shouted so that everyone else could hear me 

"HEY!!!!!!!.", Angeline screamed

"How ya doing.", Angeline said 

"G.....oooooddddd.", I said

"O I got some news for you.", Angeline said

"what.", I said 

"ONE DIRECTIONS IN TOWN!!!!!!!!!",Angeline yelled

"WHAT !", I yelled back While watching if Jake would come and He did

"O look who it is the two idiots!", Jake yelled out( My bully)

Angelines`s P o v

I saw Alison getting out of her brothers car so I deisided to surprise her I got behind her and when her brother left  I said"Well your Brother got hotter."

She turned around and yelled " ANGELINE!!!!!!!"

We talked and Talked untill i remembered about One direction I shouldn`t have said that in school because that caused our bully and his friends to come over

"Well look who it is the two idiots!", Jake yelled out

" What do you want Jake.", I said while walking into the school

"To bully you, and that all ill ever do to you two.",One of Jake`s friends said

Uggggghhh How much i hated Jake And his little posse.

"Jake your an ass Plus could you just leave us alone I just got out of the hospital from Breast Canser.", Alison said Kinda crying

"Sureee...... Because you had breast Canser.", Jake said sarcasticly

"No Really I do, ahhhhhh!", Alison yelled while tripping over a book 

Alison`s P O V

the worst thing happened that momment


My Wig Fell Off 




hello my little carrots (Your guyses nickname)Hope you guys liked this chapter I will try to update tomarrow because i have to do something with my mom and dad.Hope you like please comment they mean so much to me. BYEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! My little carrots.







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