Forever and Always(a Louis tomlinson fanfic)16+

(warning has adult language and stuff)Alison has alot of problems. One is that she is bald(u know what i mean when i say that)and she gets bullied alot. Ect. but when one direction comes to San Diego she gets alot more problems


14. Morning Harry

Angeline`s P O V

God I slept like a baby. It was A really really good sleep

"Hey Angeline You up?", Alison Asked while getting out of bed

"Ya, And best sleep of my life.", I said full of joy

"Well I didn`t.", Alison said all sleepy

"Why?", I asked

"Because of a dream I had.", Alison said

"What was it about?", I asked

"Promise you wont freak?", Alison said unsure

"Promise and Why would I.", I said

" Ok. You know how I had this huge crush on Louis. Right.", Alison said

"Ya.", I said getting Impatiant 

"Well... I don`t know how to say this so I`m just going to say it....I Had a..Sex dream about Louis.", Alison said

"Um...Ok.", I said shocked

What am I suposed to say. I mean like I Used to have dreams o f me and harry kissing and dating. Now look at me I`m dating Harry... Anyway I am shocked.

The door bell rang.

"O I`ll get that!", Alison yelled

Alison`s P O V

I opened the door and i said 

"Morning Harry.", I said with joy



Hi My Little Carrots Sorry for the wait especialy the short chapter. ok well please favourite and comment and Likes. O and check out my other fanficiton that I`m Co-Authoring in Its called ''Diary Told From Reality'' And theauthors are really super awsome. BYEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!My Little Carrots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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