Forever and Always(a Louis tomlinson fanfic)16+

(warning has adult language and stuff)Alison has alot of problems. One is that she is bald(u know what i mean when i say that)and she gets bullied alot. Ect. but when one direction comes to San Diego she gets alot more problems


3. Meeting Him And Unexpected Plan

(Skipping A horrible day at school)

"Well at least ill have a good time at Giant Pizza King with out those little shit heads.", I said Happily

"Your right, and remember things will get better.", Angeline Said really happy too

God i hope shes right plus One direction is in town somewhere and im going to there consert in the very front row with angeline thanks to my Amazayn brother.

(Finnaly the part you`ve all been waiting for! yay! Finally!)


LOUIS p o v


Man im having such a good time here plus Elendor is here with me on tour, Finally!

"Hey Boo why don`t you go get us some pizza.", Elendor said

"sure, Luv ya.", I replied 

I Went into Giant Pizza King because it was closes. I went in to line. Damn that line is long. I finally got to the casheir to order.

Alisons P O V

Damn We were filled. I Called out "Next." This guy was auffly familler . 

"Hi May I Take your order.", I said 

"Ya, can I get....", He said while looking up

I Did the same.

"Uuuuuu.... are you Louis tomlinson.", I said while frecking out

" Ya you a fan.", Louis said in his Hot and sexy Aceccent 

''Ya.", I said about to freak out but then I calmed my self down

Angeline P O V

Is she talking to who i think it is?

So I whent over there.

"Hi.", I said nervously

"shes my best friend and shes a fan too.", Alison said saving me from fangirling

Alisons Po V

i asked if i could leave early. my supervisor said yes of course.

man we just talked and talked its like he forgot about the pizza

LOUIS p o v

Man this girl is Amazayn. I think im falling in love with her .No i`m with Elendor i can`t love her or can i?

Alisons P O v

we talked for so long until he said

"Do you want to meet the boys?", he said

" sure .", I said

we whent out side where I saw Elendor with her arms crossed

" Hey come meet my new friends.", Louis said to Elendor

" sure.", she said

" This is Alison And Angeline.",Louis said to Elendor 

" Hey !", She said

" Hi .", I said shocked

" Why don`t you meet the rest of them.", Elendor said

"Sure .", Angeline said

so we walked over there.

Anonamuys P O v

Hey do you know when we do it- unknown


Well`ll Get Her on her 19th Birthday.- 









Hi My Little carrots sorry for the sloppy chapter i needed to do something well any way. Please Comment! I hope u liked it 

BYEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!My Little Carrots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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