You Don't Know Me At All (A Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Hi. My name is Elle Fowler. I have a very interesting life. I like a guy I've never talked to. But that's not for long. I end up liking one of my closest guy friends. I get backstabbed by my "friends". No one knows my real story...


5. Zayn Knows?

I woke up to the Marimba alarm on my iPod. I lay in bed, thinking about why Camryn and Kylie would hurt me like that. I never did anything to them. 


I attempted to get up, but right on the spot, I had a meltdown. I fell to my knees crying. "Camryn's going to tell Zayn everything!" i thought. My mom came in my room and saw me. She asked me what was wrong.


Aw shit, I'm screwed. I can't tell her what happened, because she's just gunna tell Kylie's mom. I know I'm mad, but not to the point where I want Kylie and Camryn in trouble. 


"I'm just having some mood swings." I told my mom. "There I'm happy now! K go make me my breakfast!" 


"Are you sure you're okay?" 


"I'm positive!"


"Well okay then, breakfast is ready, you can come downstairs.


I waited for my mom's footsteps to fade. Then I got myself off the floor, and dragged myself downstairs.


Today for breakfast was chocolate chip pancakes, yum. I put a pancake on my plate spread s

ome butter on it, and poured maple syrup over it. I gulped it down rather quickly, and had a few more.


I ran upstairs, turned the shower water on, and took a short, warm shower. I got out of the shower. Then I brushed my teeth and washed my face, put my bath robe on, grabbed my make-up bag, and tiptoed to my vanity, being careful not to wake anyone up.


I moistened a cotton pad with my Clean and Clear toner, and applied moisturizer as well.  I rubbed in my foundation and brushed on some powder. I put on neutral eyeshadow, followed by black eyeliner and mascara. I put on peach blush and coral lip gloss. 


I blow dried my hair, then curled it. I put on a pink and white striped jumper with a pair of basic black leggings. I put my books and binders into my Pink tote bag. Today I walked to school. I entered the school and awkwardly walked by Zayn. 


He gave me an awkward glance and I returned the action. I saw Kylie at her locker, shoving her science book in it. I looked over at her, and she gave me an apologetic glance. I walked over to my locker where Lanie was awaiting me. 


"Oh my god, Elle! I have to tell you something!" Lanie said impatiently.




"Everyone is talking about how you like Zayn!"


"WHat! No!" I said hysterically.


My day today was awful. Sarcastic jokes about Zaayn coming from the popular girls and boys, and Zayn's friends. During SSR, me and Liam were talking.


"Look, I feel really bad for you and this whole Zayn thing."


"At least someone has some sympathy for me."


"Hey, thats why I'm your best friend. You can always count on me!" He elbowed me and i giggled. Liam always seemed pretty cute to me. But I would never EVER like him in that way. It would be REALLY awkward. We have known each other since year 2 and now we're in year 10. Thats 8 years. Thats a long time! The rest of the day flew by.


I got home and threw myself on my bed. I was writing in my diary.


 I write everything in my diary. Even my deepest, darkest secrets. Like my biggest secret that only my family knows is that I have dyslexia. I do pretty well in school because its only mild. I have never told anyone outside of my family about it. I don't want to be called names or anything.


Ugh. But now that Zayn knows, my life ends here.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Authors Note: Hey guys sorry I haven't updated in so long. I just didn't know where this story was going. So for the sake of the story, from this point on, NOT EVERYTHING MENTIONED IN THE STORY WILL BE TRUE. My life is getting boring so I gotta make stuff up. And I promise, I will update more ~ Chrissi xoxo

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