You Don't Know Me At All (A Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Hi. My name is Elle Fowler. I have a very interesting life. I like a guy I've never talked to. But that's not for long. I end up liking one of my closest guy friends. I get backstabbed by my "friends". No one knows my real story...


3. My life is Such a Fail Sometimes...

Today, was the most embarrassing yet funny day at school. There are really funny parts. So, let me rewind and tell you about

Today before homeroom, I was waiting at Kylie's locker again. I was talking to Sami, because she is locker neighbors with Kylie. She was shoving her books in her locker. It looked like she was also trying to organize her locker, and very obviously failing...

When Kylie finally arrived at school, she was wearing a pink jacket with her colorful zebra striped backpack. She looked like she was in an especially good mood today...

"Why do you look so happy today Kyle?!" I interrogated her.

"Nothing. And I told you not to call me that!" She said still acting bubbly.

"Kylie I know you. Now spill it."

"Okay so yesterday Camryn, Louis, and me were in science watching the movie. And he was like, 'Thats so ugly' and Camryn was like, 'Like your face'. So we kept doing the like your face thing. Then Camryn was like, 'Hey guys what about Like your ass?' So we kept doing that too. Then a guy was sky diving and I was like 'That looks fun' and Louis was like 'Like your ass' and Camryn was like 'So you like to play with her ass'. And ya Im still laughing about that..."

"Thats it? Thats why your all bubbly?"

"I Know it's weird that I'm all jumpy over that. But I'm a complicated person."

The bell rings.

"K I gotta go to homeroom. Bye"

I left and went into Ms Fletcher's homeroom.

When I went inside I greeted my friends Lanie, Fizzy and Chelsea.

We picked up on a conversation about who we like. I was the only brave person to go first so I was the first one that told them. I told Lanie, then Fizzy, and lastly Chelsea.

Next to go was Lanie. Next was Chelsea. And lastly was Fizzy.

Fizzy was really hesitant about telling us even though we promised we wouldn't tell anyone. She made us guess and it turned out she liked Brad. Chelsea also liked Brad. And Lanie liked Zayn along with me.

So today I had Music. I walked to music with my friend Victoria like I always do. We sat together and she asked me how my baby brother was doing.

Victoria is probably one of the nicest people in my grade. She's really funny too and we have lots of inside jokes together. Like Peeta Bread. (Yeah I know thats not how pita is spelled. It has to do with the Hunger Games.)

Music had started and Mr. B did the same boring thing as usual. In music, he just hands out a packet and talks the entire time. And he's really strict with Year 10 people.

After Music I have Math. Today in Math was the Chapter 3 or 4 test. Like I remember. So Henry sneezed really loud. And so Chase was like bless you. Then Liam was like bless you. Then kevin said "GOD Bless you!"

Mrs. Barrett got really annoyed and was all "Guys. We're taking a test. Not having recess." And Harry was like "We don't even have recess..."

"Harry, I'm serious." Mrs. Barrett said sounding even more annoyed.

Then after the test Chase and I were talking about instagram and stuff. And today, I realized he isn't as crazy as i thought...

After Math was English. I walked over to English while I was talking to Liam and Chase. Then Josh walked by and he joined our conversation.

After I got bored of them talking about sneakers, I walked over to Leigh and started talking to her. We walked into the classroom and took our seats.

"Today we will be learning about nouns!" Mrs. Fletcher said happily.

The class broke out into groans and mumbles.

"We already know nouns why do we have to learn about them again?" Liam complained.

"Because it's apart of the year 10 curriculum." Mrs. Fletcher answered while passing out packets.

Liam was like, "Elle!! Have you learned about nouns??"

"Noooooo! I'm in year 10 and I've never learned about nouns! What are they Liam?" I said sarcastically.

"You don't have to be so mean!!" He said fake crying.

Next was Science. I sat down and took my seat at the end of the three person table.

Josh and Chase were fighting over who's sneakers were better and they asked me to decide.

I was like "Josh's are better Chace's are too colorful."

Then Chase had a hissy fit and it wasn't pretty. Ms. Mak told him to go take a break and he left for five seconds then came back like he usually does...

Then it was lunch. We have assigned lunch tables. you get to choose 3 other people to sit with, so in all there are 4 people. Then they put you with another group of 4. at my lunch table is Lanie, Hannah, and Ruby. Then the other group is Simon, Larry, Bobbie, and Ricky. It was kind of awkward because I dated Larry over the summer. Let me tell you that story.

So over the summer Kylie set me up with Larry. But she had to force him to ask me out. He did, but I knew he didn't want to because Kylie told me she forced him. He broke up with me 4 days later. To be honest, I inly said yes to see how long it would be before he gave in.

K so then Lanie told Hannah she liked Zayn. That was a HUGE mistake. Hannah is definitely NOT a good secret keeper. So after lunch she told an even bigger blabber mouth. That blabber mouth is Tom. He told Zayn and he was all weird for the rest of the day.

Then at Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) time, I went to the bathroom. In the hallway was Camryn, Kylie, and Ashley. They were "studying". And when I walked past they kept saying Zayn over and over again. And I was confused. Then Camryn asked me if I liked Zayn and I obviously lied and said no. Then she told me he liked me. I sort of just shook it off but she kept telling me she was serious.

Then Social Studies. In social studies we just did the same boring stuff as we usually do. Then I had gym and we did Yoga. It was our last day. I honestly didn't like the yoga unit.

I was walking with my friend Perrie like we do every day. While we were walking I was also texting Kylie, asking her what that was about in the hallway. She told me she told Camryn that I like Zayn. I totally flipped on her.

Then I asked her if Zayn really liked me. And she said that part was true. I accepted her appology for that reason only.

So today I felt really bad for Lanie and it was a really funny day. But It was embarassing too... I wonder what will happen tomorrow now that I know Zayn likes me...
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