You Don't Know Me At All (A Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Hi. My name is Elle Fowler. I have a very interesting life. I like a guy I've never talked to. But that's not for long. I end up liking one of my closest guy friends. I get backstabbed by my "friends". No one knows my real story...


2. I like Zayn and Niall?

Hi. My name is Elle Fowler. I have dark brown, straight hair, along with dark brown orbs. I am fairly tall and very tan. I also have braces, ew. I'm the shy, quiet type of girl. I'm not the kind of girl who talks to everyone and doesn't mind socializing with unknown people. That kind of girl is my friend, Kylie Martain. And other popular girls, like Camryn and Camille.

Camryn and Camille are the most popular girls in my grade. I'm honestly not a big fan of either of them, considering I'm not really friends with them. The next most popular girl is Aria. She has the same name as a Pretty Little Liar, haha. Aria is pretty nice, and we have talked before, but me and Aria aren't really friends either. The other popular girls are Daisy and Charlotte which are twins. Then there's Georgia, Jade, Kandy, and Leigh.

There are also semi-popular people. Such as: Caterina (Cat), Brianna, Elizabeth, and Miranda.

My friends out of all those girls are: Cat, Brianna, Elizabeth, Miranda, Kandy, Daisy, Charlotte, and Leigh. So I'm friends with all the semi populars and a part of the Populars.

K, I don't know why I wasted so much time talking about the popular girls (mental face palm bc I got more important things to talk about)

So I sorta have a crush on two guys, they're names are Niall and Zayn. But I do like Zayn more. I don't really wanna explain how it all happened, because to be completely honest, Im not sure. I just started liking them kinda.

Niall and I have study hall and gym together. I have known Niall since fourth grade. And that's a pretty long time, since I'm in tenth grade. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He also has braces, like me. He is more on the pale side, but not too pale. He is short though, but he is also popular. I am definitely not popular.

Zayn has the same description as Niall, but he is tan and is average height. He looks nothing like Niall though. I guess you could call him pretty popular, but not as pop as Niall. But Niall and Zayn are in the same social group.

In that social group is Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Liam Payne.

There's only one thing about me liking Niall. He is my best friend Hannah's ex. The only person I told about Niall is Kylie, but I told a few people about Zayn.

So now, lets stop with the descriptions and get to the juicy stuff.


I was talking to my friend Lanie, while waiting at Kylie's locker, like I do every morning. Since Im usually earlier than her. When she finally arrived I had told her the news about liking Niall and Zayn. She told me she had a slight crush on Louis, which I didn't get. Lets just say lots of peoe tease Kylie for liking Louis. The people that know, anyway.

Louis is short and has blonde hair, bluish-greenish eyes, and messed up teeth. Yet he is also considered popular.

So that day I had Spanish, and I have Spanish with one of my best guy friends, Josh.

I'm not gunna lie, Josh is pretty hot, but I would never have a crush on him.

He has blond hair, bluish greenish orbs, and is really tall.

My other best guys friend is Liam. Liam is also pretty hot Im not gunna lie. He has Brown bushy hair and brown eyes. He is also pretty tall as well.

I walked over to my locker after Spanish, to grab my things for English and Math. I walked into the math room, and sat next to my crazy desk partner, Chase. I think he has ADHD or something cuz he is cray cray.

Next I had English, yes one of my classes that Zayn was in. So I sat next to Liam. And Kylie was behind me. I was happy I got to sit next to my best guy friend and in front of one of my close friends. Also Isabelle, another friend, sat in front of me. That was probably the best seating arrangement in English of the year. English was weird as usual.

Next, it was science. I sat at the three person table with Cat and Josh. That was also and awesome seating arrangement. We were going over the answers on our take home quiz. "Next question. Why do iron and wood respond differently to heat. Yes, Elle." Said Ms Mak the best teacher ever,

"Because they are two different materials" I proudly answered the question.

"Why are they two different materials?" Ms Mak questioned.

"because they are." I said with no better answer.

Out of the blue Josh starts cracking up because of what I said and I start laughing too.

Ms Mak facepalmed herself. "But why"

Then smarty pants Tom answers the question "Because they are made of two different kinds if atoms."

The rest of science was boring and so was the rest of the day.
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