You Don't Know Me At All (A Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Hi. My name is Elle Fowler. I have a very interesting life. I like a guy I've never talked to. But that's not for long. I end up liking one of my closest guy friends. I get backstabbed by my "friends". No one knows my real story...


6. He likes me too?

Zayn's POV



I was sitting in the hallway with Louis, right when Camryn approached me. I'm not going to lie, I like Camryn. Not that she'd ever like me. She has long, brown hair with big brown eyes. She's just so pretty.


She was giggling as she walked over to our table. "Hey Zayn, guess what!" She giggled a little more before she continued. "Elle likes you!" She walked away. 


Okay, wasn't expecting that. I was shocked. It's not that I don't find her attractive. It's just that, I've never really talked to her. I don't really know her too well. I tried to ignore it and get it out of my head, but Camryn came over to us about it again. "Do you like her back?" She asked curiously. 


Not really knowing how to respond I tried to ignore her again. Then Camryn, thinking I liked her, asked, "Wait, you like her don't you?" "No! Definitely not!" I said regretfully. I didn't like her, but I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Im not that type of guy. Camryn left and started whispering and giggling to Kylie and Ashley.


"Wait do you like her?" Louis asked me. "No." I said. "But I really don't want to hurt her feelings if she does really like me." I whispered as softly as I could. 


Just then Elle walked out of her homeroom. Kylie, Camryn, and Ash burst out into laughter and start making fun of us. Just as Elle is about to walk into the bathroom she comes back and bravely says something I would've never expected her to say.


"Okay! That's enough. I've gone through enough of this bullshit! Camryn, stop thinking that just because you're popular, that you can get into everybody's business! Ash, your my friend and all, but why are you doing all this to me! I never did anything to you! And Kylie, i thought you were my friend! But if you have the nerve to trade me in for Camryn just because she's popular, then you really aren't!." Then she walked into the bathroom.


Wow, that's nothing I ever expected her to say. She's so quiet. Maybe I do sorta like her. What she just did, is stand up for herself. And that really shows pride, and respect for herself. Also, she was right about Camryn, She can't just do that. "Hey Louis, I changed my mind. I think I do sorta like Elle."


When she walked out of the bathroom, Camryn gave her a death glare and stood up. "Okay listen here and listen good. Don't think you're all cool just because you just did that." Elle was up against the lockers and Camryn was inching closer and closer. "No one likes you! You have no friends! You're ugly, and Zayn said he doesn't like you. just..." I got up and ran over to the scene.


"Camryn stop!" You're the one who no one likes! You're just mean!" I grabbed Elle's hand and pulled her aside. Camryn was standing in shock.


"Look Elle. I thought I didn't like you. I thought I liked Camryn. But after what you just did, and after what Camryn just did, I completely changed my mind. I like you." I held her gaze for a few seconds until the bell rang. 


"Listen, I'll talk to you at study hall." Elle told me while she walked into homeroom.


Elle's POV


Okay. Where should I begin to explain how I feel right now. Oh gosh that was one exciting SSR. I couldn't even pay attention during social studies. 


After social studies I packed up my books and binder in my purple backpack and was at Mrs. Barrett's door, preparing myself to walk into study hall...


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