Enough was enough. Lilly emmbers, a teenage girl, was always tortured by her dad. Her mom died at child birth. Lilly's dad always blamed Lilly for her death. Lilly had almost no friends. Just one named Skylar. One day her dad tortured her so much, she just ran. She ran away from her dad. From that cloud of worry that always hung over her head. She was free. And that's when she met HIIM.


7. The prank

The boys offered me and sky to stay at their flat and I agreed so I could prank Harry! Oh this is gonna be good!! Everyone was asleep so it was the perfect time to do the prank. I decided to prank everyone else too! Even myself. Ill leave one boy untouched to set the lame on him... Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! I walk to the fridge and grab whipped cream, chocolate, cherries, pens and that's it! I walked to Harry's room first.

Revenge is sweet mr.Styles... Revenge is sweet.... I walked over to him and sprayed whipped cream and chocolate and he didn't even wake up! I put a cherry on his room and took a pic of him and laughed. Next up was Zayn... I messed up his hair with the whipped cream and chocolate and put a cherry in his hair and took a pic again. Next up was... Liam. I liked Liam cause he s nice so I only put a cherry in his hair and sprayed it all over his hair. I took another pic. Next was niall! I love him so I won't go so bad on him. I sprayed chocolate all over his hair and that's it.

Next was... LOUIS! I went downstairs and grabbed soon spoons and carrots. I walked into Liam's room again and laid spoons all over his face I took another pic. I went into Louis room and shoved carrots into his hair and whipped cream all over his face. I took another pic and went downstairs. I sprayed myself to make it look like skylar did it! This is gonna be good.....


Me-Ello lovelies!
Me- so I have a confession to make...
Niall- WHAT IS IT?
Me- well MY besties name is...
Niall- ?
Me- this story is dedicated to her! I love her SOOO much!!!

Happy bday skylar! I love you!!!
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