Enough was enough. Lilly emmbers, a teenage girl, was always tortured by her dad. Her mom died at child birth. Lilly's dad always blamed Lilly for her death. Lilly had almost no friends. Just one named Skylar. One day her dad tortured her so much, she just ran. She ran away from her dad. From that cloud of worry that always hung over her head. She was free. And that's when she met HIIM.


5. Meeting the boys

As I walked in someone sprinted past me yelling," IM SUPERMANNNNNNNNNNN!!"
What the heck? I laughed alittle bit and caught Niall staring at me. I smiled and he smiled back. I felt a weird fluttery feeling. Like a tingling sensation. It was sweet and I wanted to cling to it like a lifeline.

I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Niall say" let's go and meet the lads now!"

We all nodded and walked into the living room. I saw the boy who was screaming superman on the couch... Talking to a carrot....

"Yes my little sweety boo! Zayn won't try to eat you! Liam is talking to him right now." He kissed the carrot and saw me. He jumped up and yelled " STRANGER DANGER!!"

Liam and Zayn walk in and see me. Niall stands in front of me and says, " Guys this is Lilly Emmbers and her best friend Skylar Stewart."

Me and sky waved. The guy with the carrot got up and walked over to me, " Ello love, I'm Louis Tomlinson." He said. Alright he was nice.... But crazy weird. I like this guy.

Next up was the boy with the blonde streak in the middle of his hair. " Ello love I'm Zayn Malik!" He said.

Nexttttt! " Hello I'm Liam. Nice to meet you!" He said in a cheerful voice. "Hi guys!" I waved at the lads. Sky did the same. We all stood there awkwardly for atleast 10 seconds.

" YOU GUYS WANNA GO TO A CARNIVAL TONIGHTTT?????" Louis asked at random. We all smiled and nodded.

" we can call our girlfriends and ask them to come Liam and Louis." Zayn said. Liam and louis nodded and they called there girlfriends.

We watched movies until it was time to go. They drove me and sky back to our house really wuick so we could change.I wore blue skinny jeans and white toms. I pulled on a sweatshirt that said 'awesome' on it. I wore mascara and strawberry Burt's bees. Sky was wearin black skinny jeans and red white and blue toms. Her sweatshirt was an American flag. She wore light mascara and her lipstick was a soft pink. We were ready. We grabbed our iPhones and head out to see the boys. Me and sky were laughing and jokin around on our way down.

" soooo.. You and niall eh?" Sky said winking at me.

I blushed so she took it as a yes. " You like Harry though!" She looked shocked.

" HOW'D YOU KNOW!" She yelled.

" Pretty obvious...." I said.

We walked out to the car and jumped in. " Hey these lovely ladies are Eleanor, perrie, and Danielle!" Louis said. We all said hi and started to talk

I couldn't stop smiling!!! Once we drove into the parking lot we were screeching at how cool it looked. There was a Ferris wheel, huge roller coasters, and lots more! I jumped out of the car and waited for the rest of everybody. When I saw niall, I ran over to him and grabbed his arm and yelled, " LETS DO THIS HORAN!!" Everybody started to laugh at how excited I was. We split up into groups. Me and niall, skylar and Harry, Danielle and Liam, Zayn and perrie, and Louis and Eleanor.

We all took a group picture and we made funny faces! I grabbed nialls hand and we walked towards the swings ( A/N- u know the swings you sit I. And it spins you around.) me and niall held hands and we got off 5 minutes later laughing.

" IT'S NIALL HORAN!!" Some girls screeched. Niall turned towards them.

" who's that? I'm John silvers. I do look like him though..." Niall said in a very wierd accent. The girls looked dissapointed as they walked away.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!" I screeched.

" what?" Niall asked.

" your voice!!!" I laughed even harder.

" ya mean this voice?" He said in the accent again.

" Yeah!" I said

We intertwined our hands and looked at each other. He leaned in and closed his eyes. I did too. And what happend next made me...

Niall- darn it!
Me- oh well niall
Niall- can we go to nandos now!??
Me- ok

Bye peeps! I'm goin to nandos!
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