Enough was enough. Lilly emmbers, a teenage girl, was always tortured by her dad. Her mom died at child birth. Lilly's dad always blamed Lilly for her death. Lilly had almost no friends. Just one named Skylar. One day her dad tortured her so much, she just ran. She ran away from her dad. From that cloud of worry that always hung over her head. She was free. And that's when she met HIIM.


9. It's all right

" SKYLAR? Skylar are you alright!" I asked her and tears were brimming in my eyes.

" what's happening!" Harry asked confused but startled.

" s-s-she ca-ant s-s-wim......" I mumbled clutching into skylars hand and tears pouring down onto her.

Suddenly her eyes open. She looks pale but not to bad and it takes her only a minute to realize what happend..

" did I just-" skylar was cut off by me " SKYLAR I WAS SO SCARED!"

She just smiled at me and nodded.

" I could never leave you guys!" She giggled and sat up only to be crushed by a bone-crushing hug bye a crying Harry.

" SKYLAR IM SOOOOO SORRY! I didn't k-k-now you couldn't swim...." He looked so worried.

Instead of her yelling she did something I'd never thought she'd be brave enough to do.... She grabbed the collar of Harry's shirt and kissed him. Woah. Just woah.

" Did you happen to hit your head on the pool floor?" I ask wearily.

" PDA!!!!! Get a room!" Louis cried.

Skylar and Harry broke apart and Harry said, " Skylar, will you go out with me tonight?"

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