Enough was enough. Lilly emmbers, a teenage girl, was always tortured by her dad. Her mom died at child birth. Lilly's dad always blamed Lilly for her death. Lilly had almost no friends. Just one named Skylar. One day her dad tortured her so much, she just ran. She ran away from her dad. From that cloud of worry that always hung over her head. She was free. And that's when she met HIIM.


1. Enough

I'm done. I can't take this anymore. Here's my dad hovering above me screaming horrible things about me. Like how horrible, useless, ugly and stupid I am. He hits me with his beer glass everyday. I can't wear any short tee shirts or shorts or people will question why I have bruises all over me. If they tell my dad about it, he will kill me. And I'm not kidding, he will take a knife and kill me.

That night I had volleyball practice and just as I walked in the door a beer bottle crashed 2 centimeters away from my face.

' WHERE WERE YOU?!!" My dads voice boomed.

"V-v-volleyball practice.." I whimpered.

" I CAN'T BELIEVE I LET YOU SIGN UP!" His words slurred a little. He was obviously drunk. Great. Now I'm dead...

" You ugly, stupid, fat, lazy child.... " he sneered at me, " GET OVER HERE!!!"

I walked over and I closed my eyes, waiting to be smacked.


I fell down and I could see stars.

"GET UP YOU WORTHLESS CHILD!!!!" My dads voice boomed.

I got up and winced, holding my cheek.

"You got LUCKY!" He said.

I ran to the bathroom cause he was obviously done with the physical abuse. I locked the door and stared into the mirror. I am ugly.... I have dark brown curly hair with hazel eyes and natural red lips. http://weheartit.com/lizzylu1212/sets/8127678-cool

I then observed my cheek. It was crimson red. I took out the emergency kit I kept under the sink for times like this. I took out the disinfecting spray and dabbed it on my cheek. I winced in pain but didn't cry.

I pulled up the sleeves on my sweatshirt and stared at the purple, yellow, and blue bruises that were all over my arm. I rubbed them and pulled the sleeve back down. And suddenly an idea popped in my head. I can run away... I CAN RUN AWAY! I jump up and sprint out of the bathroom and jog up into my room,pull out a backpack load load all my money, clothes, gadgets in there. I unplug my iPhone and grab the charger. I stood up and looked around with a confident face.

Goodbye room. I slowly creeped downstairs. I reached for the door opened it and I ran.
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