Falling Back Together | Harry Styles

Copyright Protected. Stealing Is Illegal. This Movella Was Originally Entitled 'Darcy And Daddy', Since Then I Have Changed The Title. Please Note It Is The Same Story!

Harry Styles Has A Daughter?! No Way! Well Where's Baby's Momma? No Where To Be Found. Completely Gone. She Abandoned Him When She Suspected He Was Cheating On Her. She Trusted Him With Her Lovely Daughter; She Was Testing Him. Darcy. Darcy. Try To Locate Darcy's Mum. Try Harry. I'm Trying! He's Found Her, And She Has Found Him. They Found Each Other. Together Again, Strong, Happy. Darcy Wants To Know Who This Women Is And Why She Spends So Much Time With Her Father. Are They Broken, Or Just Bent.


2. Time With Tommo

                "Yes I know uncle Tommo is here baby girl." I reply to Darcy smiling as Louis holds her firmly, I can tell that we're going to be up for a while.


 "Darcy, my carrot princess, I have something for you!" Louis smiles as he reaches into his bag. He pulls out a orange stuffed carrot that has blue button eyes and a red button nose. He looks at Darcy with his kind eyes and sweet smile. He's always wanted my daughter as his own. "Here princess," Louis says pushing to plush carrot to Darcy.


 "Uncle Louis, Is This A Carrot?" Darcy asks in her small, innocent voice as she holds the carrot out towards Louis. She smiles slightly and tilts her head to the side. Louis chuckles at my adorable daughter.


 "Why yes it is darling," Louis says in between chuckling. "I also got you another present." Louis grabs another thing out of the bag. "Auntie Eleanor picked this out," he says holding up a big, bright, pink bow. I gasp because its so lovely. Darcy drops the carrot and her mouth slowly falls open, in excitment.


"Auntie Eleanor got this for me?!" Darcy screams and blushes. "It's so pretty Uncle Louis!" Darcy gushes cutely.


"Darcy Booh, you dropped your carrot!" Louis gasps and bends over to pick it up. "What's his name buggah?" Louis asks making the carrot dance in Darcy's face.


 "Tommo!" Darcy screams wrapping her tiny, baby fatted, tan arms around Louis's neck. "Me Love you Uncle Louis!" Darcy said as she hugged him. I laughed and we sat on the couch for a while in silence.


"Don't we have a meeting tomorrow?" Louis finally asks me. I nod my head and Darcy copy's me making her curls bounce. My face cracks into a small smile, my dimples implanting into my cheeks.  "Don't cause your daddy too much trouble!" Louis laughs as he talks to Darcy. He stands up with Darcy in his arms and walks her to her room. I her him and her whispering to each other as Louis walks.


"Goodnight love," Louis says before he rejoins me in the living room. "Have you found her yet?" Louis whispers to me softly.


 "Nope," I shake my head. "I've looked everywhere, Facebook, twitter, tumblr I even looked on MySpace!" I shrieked at him. "I can't remember her last name is the worst part. I think it was Smith, or something like that, I just can't remember!" I said feeling disappointed in myself. I'd been looking and longing for this moment when I find her.


 "Well lad, I hope you find her soon. I'll see you and Darcy at nine tomorrow, right?" Louis asks as he clasps my shoulder. I nod my head and sigh. "It'll get better, Mate." Louis says before he pulls open the door. "Bye." He says before closing the door.


 I can't stop thinking about the night she left! I miss her and need her now most of all! What am I going to do? She's been gone for so long, I've got to find her, for the sake of Darcy and me.

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