Falling Back Together | Harry Styles

Copyright Protected. Stealing Is Illegal. This Movella Was Originally Entitled 'Darcy And Daddy', Since Then I Have Changed The Title. Please Note It Is The Same Story!

Harry Styles Has A Daughter?! No Way! Well Where's Baby's Momma? No Where To Be Found. Completely Gone. She Abandoned Him When She Suspected He Was Cheating On Her. She Trusted Him With Her Lovely Daughter; She Was Testing Him. Darcy. Darcy. Try To Locate Darcy's Mum. Try Harry. I'm Trying! He's Found Her, And She Has Found Him. They Found Each Other. Together Again, Strong, Happy. Darcy Wants To Know Who This Women Is And Why She Spends So Much Time With Her Father. Are They Broken, Or Just Bent.


12. Stay and Love Me


 Angel's P.O.V

Harry took a deep breath and his eyes softened. He focused on me and smiled. His dimples, they kill a girl. "Look Angel, I lost you once, but it can't happen ever again. So will you do me the honor of dating me again?" He asked a little too confident, he smiled once again. I froze, my mouth opened but I couldn't speak. A lump had planted itself in my throat. I like a small, ridiculous breath and shook my head confused. I reminded myself of Kristen Stewart, in that dumb vampire movie. I stood up from the bed and braced myself as I walked towards the door.


 I walked out of the room, leaving the two I love alone. I just didn't know what to do, it was a shock. I was walking quickly threw the hallways, taking in the scenes. Thousands of rooms, dozens of sick people. My curls were bouncing, and my heels clicking. 'Please don't walk away, please tell me you'll stay!'  Those were the word going through my mind. I thought of Harry, and those word replied in my head. "Angel!" I heard Harry's voice coming from behind me. Everything fell silent. Dead silent. I turned quickly feeling my cheeks burn. I could feel the tears ready to flow freely. He stood, shaky, in a hospital robe and my baby on his hip.  Darcy clung to his neck, she didn't understand. "I CANT lose you again" He shouted, softer. I could see crystal tears forming in his eyes.

"Oh my god" I mumbled under my breath. I looked at my life standing in front of me, I could feel Harry's heart breaking. Mine was too. "What am I supposed to do?" I mumbled again; Everybody was staring at me.

Harry turned around and started to walk back to his room. My heart broke again. He walked slowly and Darcy kept looking back to me. I couldn't stand it any longer.

I rose my hand into the air, "Harry, don't go" I said softly. He turned towards me and opened his arms. I ran as fast as I could. I knew I couldn't leave him ever. I flung my arms around him and hugged him tightly.


He fell back onto the floor and I crouched down with him. Darcy, Harry And I were all hugging on the floor. This truly was the perfect moment. I was in Harry's arms. His fingers twirling in my hair. My daughter hugging my neck. My mascara staining my cheeks. My lipstick on Harry and Darcy's faces. We sat like this hugging for a long time. But we all enjoyed it.


                                                                        Harry's P.O.V

"You are all clear to leave Mr. Styles" A nurse said to me as I flipped through the channels on the TV. I smiled, relieved I could finally leave this death trap. I had been here for almost a week! I had felt better two days ago, but they kept me "just in case".

I nodded my head slightly at her. "Thank you Meredith" I spoke quietly. "Just give me a few minutes to gather my things" I smiled slightly. She nodded her head and stepped out of my room. I grabbed my bag off the floor and walked into my bathroom. I cleaned out the shower; Cleaned out all of my things. I stuffed my clothes that were scattered everywhere into my bag. I grabbed the few bottles of water out of the corner and grabbed me and Angel's phone chargers. Angel had Darcy's bags, so I was good there. I picked up my phone and unlocked it. I started a text to Angel and the boys. "Hey, there letting me go today. Be home soon. Thanks for your prayers" I sent the text and hummed softly. I put the bag over my shoulder and walked towards the door. "Goodbye" I whispered to the room.


When I got home, Angel was sitting on the ground with Darcy. "Hey babe" I said and leaned down to kiss her. She never said yes, but I knew. Her thin pink lips moved in sync with mine. "Missed you" I say as I kiss her. Darcy grabbed my face and pushed me away from Angel. "Hey Bug!" I smiled and tickled her sides; Which sent her squirming into Angel's lap, laughing. I kissed her cheek and laughed. I plopped down on the floor next to them and threw the bag onto the couch.

 I repeatedly kiss Angel's cheek, sending her into giggle mode. "Stop" She giggles as she kisses my jaw. I smile and tickle her stomach. She giggles even more. "I love you, babe" She giggles and reaches her hand up to touch my curls. I shake my head, making her not able to touch them. "Wow, I hate you" she giggles again.

"Well, I love you" I laugh kissing her hand. Darcy crawls onto Angel's stomach, as Angel rests in my lap. "I love you both" I say kissing Darcy's forehead.





This is the perfect moment, with the perfect people.

(A/N: Hey guys, It's "Darling". How ya liking the book so far? Schools ending soon so i'll be able to update more often. Hope you guys enjoy me writing, I know I do. Thanks for the support)









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