Falling Back Together | Harry Styles

Copyright Protected. Stealing Is Illegal. This Movella Was Originally Entitled 'Darcy And Daddy', Since Then I Have Changed The Title. Please Note It Is The Same Story!

Harry Styles Has A Daughter?! No Way! Well Where's Baby's Momma? No Where To Be Found. Completely Gone. She Abandoned Him When She Suspected He Was Cheating On Her. She Trusted Him With Her Lovely Daughter; She Was Testing Him. Darcy. Darcy. Try To Locate Darcy's Mum. Try Harry. I'm Trying! He's Found Her, And She Has Found Him. They Found Each Other. Together Again, Strong, Happy. Darcy Wants To Know Who This Women Is And Why She Spends So Much Time With Her Father. Are They Broken, Or Just Bent.


14. Sleepover?

                                   Angel's P.O.V


"This is where your sleeping" Harry says grabbing some blankets from his closet.

"But this is your room, are you sleeping here too?" I ask him as he hands me the blankets.

He scoffs, "Yeah right, me sleeping with you. You'd kill me." He laughs closing his closet doors. I toss the blankets onto his already comforted bed.

 He walks over to his dresser with picture frames decorating the top. "What?" He questions as I study the photos. Him and his mum. Darcy and him. Darcy, him and his Mum. The band. Darcy and her "uncles". My eyes fall on the last one, Harry and I. They day I told him I was having Darcy. His curls tucked into a beanie, and his sweat pants. My dark jean cut off shorts and floral tank top. I place my hand over my face. "Oh gosh!" He huffs, as he wraps his arms around me. "I found it the other day." He says laying his chin on my head.

"Goodness, Harry," I laugh kissing his jawline. "So you decided to put it up?" I smile at him snatching the photo from his dresser.

"Hey!" He squeals as he tackles me once again. "Give it back and I won't kill you with my kisses." He laughs, I tuck the picture up to my chest. He leans down and repeatedly kisses my face.  "Okay give it back you little flirt." He laughs trying to take the picture from me.

"Sing to me and I will." I say smirking at him. He raises his eyebrows at me, I nod.

"I've given up on giving up slowly.
I'm blending in, so you won't even know me.
Apart from this whole world that shares my fate.
This one last bullet you mention, is my one last shot at redemption,
Cause I know to live, you must give your life away.
And I've been housing all this doubt and insecurity,
And I've been locked inside that house, all the while you hold the key,
And I've been dying to get out, and that might be the death of me,
And even though there's no way of knowing where to go.
I promise I'm going, because. . ." He stops singing to me.

"I gotta get outta here and I'm begging you to be my escape" I finish for him.

Harry takes a deep breath and stares into my eyes, "Goodnight babe." He says kissing my earlobe, well that's attractive.

I watch him walk over to his dresser getting his pajamas, "Goodnight, hope your dreams are as sweet as candy." I said with a giggle.

"Goodnight you goof!" He chuckles at me, pushing me on the bed. "Love you." He says walking out into the living room.


I close the door tightly behind him. I walk over to his dresser, and open the top drawer. Miscellaneous stuff. I pounder through the drawer for a minute, nothing interesting. Second drawer, clothes. Mostly tee - shirts and sweatpants, couple of skinny jeans. He is so thin. I hear a knock at the door. I nervously push the drawer closed quickly. 

"Yes?" My voice is shaky. The door opens a crack, Harry pokes his head in. "Dear lord I thought you might have been Darcy." Harry shakes his head, sending his curls flying.

"Wrong sweat pants," Harry says re-opening the drawer I just shut. Fear flies through me, hopefully I didn't move anything noticeable. "Here they are." Harry says grabbing a pair of dark grey sweat pants, putting back his Abercrombie white ones. "Goodnight, love." A kiss panted on my forehead and a walk out the door.

"Love you," I whisper into the openness "Hazza." I finish my sentence. I walk over to the bed and place a quilt over my shoulders, walking to Harry's closet.

I feel wrong for invading his privacy. I push the sliding closet door open. Lot's of blazers, and perfectly ironed trousers. A small brown tee - shirt hung in the very back. Way to small for Harry. More like a girls shirt. And it was a medium Hollister brown shirt. One I lost years ago. I left it here when I left? I take it off the hanger, and slip Harry's shirt off me. Leaving me bare, except for my white bra with pink and black polka dots. I slip the shirt over me, covering my tan, sun kissed skin. Perfect fit.

I slip the quilt back over my shoulders. I fold Harry's shirt up and set it on top of his dresser. Flip off the light and walk towards the bed. Hoping in it. Harry's scent lingers on the sheets and blankets. I love that boy.



(Authors Note: Hey How You Liking It So Far? Sorry Angel's Part Was Short. Lol. Don't Make The Bra Thing Awkward, Cause If You Remember In The 5th Chapter I Mentioned Harry's Boxers, Lol. I Really Need Feed Back On This Guys, Please Help. Don't Worry 'Distance' Is Slowly Making It's Way Here. xx)





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