Falling Back Together | Harry Styles

Copyright Protected. Stealing Is Illegal. This Movella Was Originally Entitled 'Darcy And Daddy', Since Then I Have Changed The Title. Please Note It Is The Same Story!

Harry Styles Has A Daughter?! No Way! Well Where's Baby's Momma? No Where To Be Found. Completely Gone. She Abandoned Him When She Suspected He Was Cheating On Her. She Trusted Him With Her Lovely Daughter; She Was Testing Him. Darcy. Darcy. Try To Locate Darcy's Mum. Try Harry. I'm Trying! He's Found Her, And She Has Found Him. They Found Each Other. Together Again, Strong, Happy. Darcy Wants To Know Who This Women Is And Why She Spends So Much Time With Her Father. Are They Broken, Or Just Bent.


16. Nightmares

   Angel's POV



I feel someone climbing in bed with me, trying not to disturb me. I laugh to myself silently, and flip over to see Darcy. I look at her for a moment. Her bright green eyes, like Harry's. Beautiful daughter. She has my nose and her Daddy's eyes.

"Well hey there pretty girl," I say tickling Darcy's sides. She giggles and snuggles her way into the blankets next to me. "What time is it, lovely?" I ask her as I search for a clock.

"Two A.M," She looks at my sheepishly. "I had a nightmare." She looks down at the covers and shakes slightly.

"Were you looking for daddy?" I ask her as she looks down gingerly. She nods her head yes, "He let me stay here tonight, he's in the living room babe." I say moving her light blonde hair out of her face. She clings to my arm and I wrap the blankets around her. "What's wrong Darcy?" I ask her as she stays snuggled into me.

"Well I know we only met the other day, but you and daddy left me!" Darcy begins to cry, I rock her in my arms. I pat her head and kiss her cheek.

"Darcy that will never happen," I say moving her away from me forcing her to look up at me. I wipe her tears away with the pad of my thumb. "I promise!" I reassure her and cuddle her in my arms.

"Can you sing?" Darcy asks me, my eyes widen. I bite my lip gently, and sigh.

"Not as good as your Daddy, but I sing a little," I smile at her inching into the corner of the bed, where I'm surrounded by two white walls. "Would you like me to sing to you?" I ask her as she inches into my lap.

"No it's just good to know for later." Darcy winks at me. Cheeky just like her father! "Can you tell me about your family?" Darcy asks me as she slips her finger into her mouth.

"Well I have a younger brother, he's seven. I have a nice Daddy, my Mummy is dancing with the Angel's in the sky. I have lots of cousins and nice grandparents." I smile at her as I re- position myself on the bed comfortably.

Darcy looks at me, "I bet you miss your Mummy," She says and I nod. "I miss my Mummy too." She says clinging to my like a tee - shirt soaked in rain.

"Darcy can I tell you something?" I ask her and she nods her curly, blonde hair bouncing. "She misses you too." I smile at her and kiss her hair line. "You want to lay down now?" Darcy nods her head as I begin to lay down. She snuggles up next to me. I rub her back until she falls asleep. I really do miss her even though I spend every day with her. It's not like I'm her mum, I'm more like a babysitter. My darling doesn't even know her mum but misses her? I mean she probably remembers the idea of me. I can't wait until me and Harry make it official again. We had plans to get married, yes I know, crazy! We were young and foolish.


I wake up to Harry shaking me. My eyes flutter open, and I stare into his deep green eyes. "What?" I ask groggily as Harry slides into the bed next to me. "Harry what?" I ask kicking his shin smiling. He chuckles and leans towards me, placing his lips on mine.

"I love you." Harry smiles and jumps out of the bed, he runs into the kitchen. I throw my hands up into the air. I flip the covers off of me and that's when I notice Darcy isn't here. I get up and notice her sitting on the living room floor.

I walk out of Harry's room and kneel down next to Darcy, I kiss her forehead. "Good morning Darling. Where did Daddy go?" I ask her and she giggles. She puts her princess cup down next to her and points to the kitchen. I slide my freshly manicured hands under her armpits. I lift her onto my hip and tip toe into the kitchen. "Harry!" I shout as he jumps out from behind the table. "You freak!" I laugh and punch his arm playfully. Darcy giggles at us two, and smiles.

I set Darcy down in the empty chair to my left. "So what was that this morning?" I ask stepping closer to Harry. He leans down and kisses my nose.

"More importantly where'd you find that shirt?" He raises his eyebrows and grabs the hem of my shirt. Opps!  "You were looking through my stuff weren't you?" He laughs and pulls me closer to him with my belt loops. He kisses my cheek and I scrunch my nose. "You're cute," Harry says as he leaves me, and walks to the stove. "Breakfast?" He asks.

I look down towards Darcy, "Breakfast?" I ask her and a smile grows on her face.

"Can I help make it?" Darcy asks, I look towards Harry.

"Your opinion Hazza?" I laugh and walk towards him with a spoon in my hand. I put it towards his mouth, acting like its a microphone. I await his answer, stifling my laughter.

"I say lets cook. But let's get one thing straight, this is my kitchen. " Harry says opening the stainless steal fridge. He pulls out a carton of eggs, and a gallon of milk. "Looks like eggs for breakfast." Harry shrugs.

"Pancakes, please Daddy!" Darcy whines. She points to the cabinet, and I walk over to it. I'm still holding her in my arms when she reaches out to open it. I find a yellow box of pancake mix, and a small bucket of mixed fruits. "See daddy we can make pancakes!" Darcy says cuddling the box to her. I grab the can of fruits. We walk to the counter and set the supplies down. I set Darcy on the counter and move next to Harry.

"Okay, only because you're a cutie," Harry laughs tickling Darcy's cheek. She giggles a little bit. "Angel, can you get the griddle down from the cabinet?" Harry asks me setting the milk down on the counter.

"Only because you're a cutie," I laugh and walk to get the griddle. Harry laughs and moves Darcy away from the stove. I open the cabinet and stand on my tip toes. I reach up to the griddle, Harry notices.

"Well I guess I should have gotten it down, since I'm taller?" Harry asks. I nod my head, and walk over to Darcy. Harry pulls the black, grill down easily. "That wasn't so hard shorty." , Harry chuckles. "Hey! The boys are coming here today, remember?" Harry asks me.

"Flip, I totally forgot. When are they coming?" I face palm myself.

"Whenever I tell them to. Should I text them now? I mean you look very attractive this morning." Harry laughs, and I detect the slight sarcasm in his voice.

"Stop," I punch his arm, whining. "You know how I feel about my looks. And attractive is my word." I narrow my eyes on him.

He pulls out his phone and laughs, "Calling is faster anyway." Harry laughs.

"Harry stop it," I whine and pick up Darcy. She wiggles around on my hip, getting comfortable. "We're going to get dressed, you bully." I say and walk back towards Darcy's room, where my stuff is.

I set her down next to me, I plop down on the soft carpet, and unzip my duffle bag. Darcy plops down next to me.

"Angel, have you ever wanted to see your mummy again?" Darcy asks tracing patterns on my hands.

"Eh, sometimes. I miss her," I say and find some jeans, and a tee - shirt in my bag.

"Do you think my mummy misses me?" Darcy asks. My heart breaks, and I nod my head.

"Yes Darcy I know she misses you. You're a sweet little girl, and your lucky you have your wonderful daddy to take care of you." I push myself off the ground with my hands. I walk over to Darcy's closet, and lift her up. "What would you like to wear, baby?" I ask her.

She points to a two piece tee shirt and denim leggings. I pull it out for her and take it off the hanger, so she doesn't get hurt.

"Stay in here why I go change okay?" I say and hurry off to the lou. I peel off my old clothes, and put my fresh ones on. I notice Harry's paper airplane necklace sitting on the vanity, I pick it up and trace it's figure in my hand. I've always loved this necklace. I set it back down where I found it and step out of the lou.

Darcy is sitting on the ground with her clothing next to her. "Okay missy, your turn." I smile and Darcy stands up. She runs to the lou and closes the door behind her. I hurry and retrieve my brush. I comb my hair as Darcy gets dressed.

Darcy peaks out the door and looks up at me. "Angel, I messed up." Darcy says opening the door wider. I step inside and close the door behind me. Darcy has the bottom part figured out, but when it got to the top, things got complicated. I bend down towards her and help her fix the clothing mess. I step back and she looks up at me. "Thank you." She smiles and reaches up towards me.

"Ready to do your hair?" I ask and Darcy nods. I pick her up and set her on the toilet seat. I find her brush, and begin to brush through her thin, blonde hair. "How do you want it pulled up Darcy?" I ask her and stop brushing her hair.

"Up, on top of my head?" Darcy asks me, I nod my head and keep brushing her hair, until I get it how I want it. I find a white pony tail, and fasten it around her hair.  "Can I have a bow, too?" Darcy asks and hops down from the toilet.

She opens the doors to the cabinet under the vanity. She picks out a light pink bow with white polka dots. "This one!" She cheers, and smiles. I put it in her hair. She has become more independent, I've only been with Harry for a while but, still. She smiles at me and opens the door, running to her room. I finish brushing my hair, and pull it up into a bun. It's the first time Harry will see me with my hair up.

I walk into Darcy's room. She's messing around with her stuffed animals. I get my jewelry out of my bag, I put my golden heart earrings in. I grab my black scarf and fix it around my neck. It pulls the outfit together. Darcy walks over to me and stares up at me. She giggles and claps her hands.

"Do you want to where one of my necklaces, Darcy?" I ask her as I search through my jewels.

"Yes please," Darcy says bending down to my bag with me. I know which on I should let her wear. The one her dad gave to me, when I had Darcy. It's a thing, Harry and I promised to always let each other fly if we needed to.


He got me a necklace with three golden birds on it:

He told me if I needed to fly away he understood. I did fly away from him out of anger. I don't know why I thought he cheated. It was stupid, but I did it. I hand the necklace to Darcy. She stares at it, and smiles.

"Daddy said he knew you'd still have it," Darcy laughs and hands it back to me. "Put it on me?" She asks. I place it around her neck and latch it. She traces the birds in her hand, adorably. She giggles and runs into the kitchen.

Harry comes walking towards me, he looks angry. He stands in front of me, his face cracks into a smile. He wraps his arms around my lower back, and picks me up. He spins me in circles and nuzzles his face into the crook of my neck. "I love you so much!" He laughs letting me back onto the ground.

"All because of that necklace?" I ask him as he moves the little strands of my hair out of my face.

"Yes, that necklace meant the world to me. I knew you'd still have it!" Harry sounds over joyed.

"It was in the box of photo's and old love notes," I smile and Harry stands next to me. He grabs my hand, and we intertwine our fingers.


I sit on the floor with Darcy as the boys fill the furniture. Niall is seated comfortably in the over sized chair. Zayn, Louis, and Harry all share the sofa, as Liam sits in the recliner. They came over later than I thought they would. They came over around noon. Niall sat there with a bag of roast chicken crisps, he listened to the boys as he ate. That's how I remember Niall, always eating. Zayn is lied back, very quiet, but still covered in tattoos, even more now. I notice Liam's four arrow tattoos, as he sits there with his elbows resting on his knees. Louis is different, more cautious with what he says.

"So Harry got a new girl?" Zayn chuckles and smacks Harry on the arm.

"Yea he did, she looks younger than him though. Find out older girls suck, mate?" Liam asks.

Harry laughs, and looks at me. "Actually you all know her. I've dated her before," Harry says, now the boys all stare at me intensely.
"Are you sure? This wasn't before you were in the band?" Niall asks setting the crisps on the table next to him.

"Yes I'm sure, Remember summer two thousand and eleven?" Harry asks giving them all a hint.

"It's Angel?!" Louis says standing up pointing to me, as I giggle.

"Yes it's Angel, remember her mates?" Harry laughs, as he takes in the boys expressions. Louis happy, Liam surprised, Niall shocked, and Zayn happy too.

I laugh and raise my hand up to wave at them, "Hi guys." I smile as I remember how shy Zayn was towards me, and how Liam would always be there when I was upset.

"Oh my it's my food buddy!" Niall interrupts my thoughts. Everybody laughs, including me.

"Oh yes I remember that, We ate five whole packages of chocolate biscuits together, in three minutes," I laugh at the memories. "In fact I have that picture somewhere." Niall laughs at me. "I have all the pictures, my friends are always jealous of me. They're like 'you met one direction?!' " I laugh and remember that all the photo's are in my closet at home.

Darcy walks towards Niall, and Niall pulls her up in his lap. Their all going to be good fathers, one day. Hopefully not as early as Harry.

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