Falling Back Together | Harry Styles

Copyright Protected. Stealing Is Illegal. This Movella Was Originally Entitled 'Darcy And Daddy', Since Then I Have Changed The Title. Please Note It Is The Same Story!

Harry Styles Has A Daughter?! No Way! Well Where's Baby's Momma? No Where To Be Found. Completely Gone. She Abandoned Him When She Suspected He Was Cheating On Her. She Trusted Him With Her Lovely Daughter; She Was Testing Him. Darcy. Darcy. Try To Locate Darcy's Mum. Try Harry. I'm Trying! He's Found Her, And She Has Found Him. They Found Each Other. Together Again, Strong, Happy. Darcy Wants To Know Who This Women Is And Why She Spends So Much Time With Her Father. Are They Broken, Or Just Bent.


6. Meeting Up

After About Eight Hours Of Our Meeting, I Could Finally Go Home. It Was Already Five, I Finally Had My Mum Come Pick Darcy Up. I Drove To My Mum's House To Pick Up Darcy. I Stepped Out Of My Car And Walked To My Old House. I Knocked On The Door. Mum Answered With Darcy Running Behind Her Carrying Her Turtle From Liam.

"Daddy!" Darcy Screamed And Ran Towards Me. I Placed My Arms Under Her Back And Brought Her Close To Me. I Blew On Her Neck And She Giggled Cutely.

"We're You Good For Grandma?" I Ask Darcy As She Chews On Her Fingers.

"Yes, Daddy." She Smiled And Kissed My Cheek. I Smiled Back At Her. Mum Closed The Door And We Walked Towards The Living Room.

"Don't Call Me Grandma!" Mum Swatted At My Arm.

"Darcy Go Play For A Little Bit, Okay?" I Said As I Pushed Her Back Gently. She Went Running Full Force Towards The Play Room. "Mum? Remember Angel, Right?" I Asked As I Inched Closer To Her. She Nodded At Me And Stared At Me Waiting For A Response. "Well, I Found Her, We're Meeting Up Tonight. . . I'm Nervous." I Said As My Eyes Filled With Panic.

"Harry, Nervous Around A Girl?! Never!" My Mum Gasped.

"Haha. Very Funny." I Smiled At My Mum.

"Well If She Fell For You Once, I Think You Can Get Her Back Fairly Quickly, And Besides Your Harry Styles!" My Mum Smiled And Embraced Me.

"Thanks Mum, For Everything." I Said Before I Went To Go Get Darcy. I Picked Darcy Up Out Of Her Room And Turned Out The Light.

"Tell Grandma Bye Darcy," I Said And Handed Darcy To My Mum. She Hugged Her Neck And Gave Her A Kiss On Her Cheek.

"Buh-Bye Grandma." Darcy Said After Mum Kissed Her.

I Walked Out To The Car Darcy Was Snuggled In My Arms Cutely. I Opened The Back Door For Darcy And I Slipped Her In The Car Seat. I Buckled Her Up And Kissed Her Cheek Gently.

"Ready To Go See My Friend?" I Asked Darcy Gently Closing The Door. I Walked Around The Car And Opened My Door. I Hoped Inside And Stuck My Keys In The Ignition. The Car Started Up And I Turned Up The Heat For Darcy.

"So Whatda Ya Say? Ready To Meet Angel?" I Asked Darcy As I Put On My Seat Belt.

"Is She Pretty?" Darcy Asked. I Laughed In My Deep Tone Of Voice.

"Yes, Very." I Said Still Laughing.

"Then, Yes I Am." Darcy Giggled And I Turned On The Radio.


I Pulled Up At Lango's At Six Forty- Five. I Walked Back To Retrieve Darcy. I Opened The Door And Saw Her Asleep, How Precious. I Unbuckled Her Gently And Gripped Her Tightly. I Lifted Her Out Of The Car And Placed Her Head On My Shoulder. She Drooled All Over Me. There Weren't Many People At The Shop. I Walked Inside And Found A Small Table In The Back Corner. I Waited For About Five Minutes And Darcy Awoke.

"Hello Baby Girl" I Said Pulling Her Up Towards Me. She Rubbed Her Eyes And Yawned Stretching.

"Did I Miss The Pretty Lady?!" Darcy Asks In A Frantic Panic. I Laugh At Her Cuteness.

"No," I Laugh Again. "You Didn't Miss Her, She's Not Here Yet." I Smiled At Darcy.

"I'm Thirsty." Darcy Whined. I Picked Her Up And Swung Her Over My Hip. I Walked Towards The Counter And Asked The Lady If She Had Any Milk.

"That Will Be Two Pounds And Fifty," The Lady Said Sliding A Cup Full Of Milk To Me. I Handed Her Two Fifty Kindly And Walked Back To My Seat. I Gave It To Darcy And She Took A Small Sip. I Heard The Small Bell Above The Door Ring. My Head Shot Up And She Was Standing There Perfectly Flawless.

Angel Is Here, Perfectly Flawless. Just How I Remembered Her. Flawless

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