Dancing Away With My Heart

What happens when bad boy, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, the quiet one, falls for the most innocent girl in school...Bethany? Will she stop running or will she run faster? *Includes alcohol, sex, references/actions of self-harm, and cursing*


9. 9


When we got to Harry’s house, Zayn and Juliet waited in the car as Harry led me upstairs to his sisters’ room. She was out, so he just went into her closet.

“So…where exactly are we going?” I asked slowly.

“Zayn’s parents are having a cocktail party for him. It happens every year.” I nodded. This meant I was going to look beyond nice. “We’re going to get there extra early so…you’ll be able to get ready at their house. I’m sure his mom will help you.” I nodded as Harry pulled out a skin tight, sleeveless, peach colored dress.

“I don’t think I can pull something like that off…” I whispered.

“Then you’re crazy. You have an amazing body.” I blushed and looked down.

“Thanks.” Harry nodded and pulled out white pumps for me to wear. He grabbed my arm and pulled me back down to the car. A half an hour later, we were pulling up Zayn’s driveway; or should I say waiting at the gates to be let in. When we got out, I honestly felt like I was at the Queens castle. I followed them in and we were immediately greeted by Zayn’s mother.

“Nice to see you gain Bethany!” She kissed both my cheeks. “The rest of the boys are getting ready in your bathroom, Zayn. Juliet, Maria is upstairs waiting to help you get ready and Bethany…you can go with Juliet too.” I nodded and followed Juliet up the stairs.

When we go to the room, Maria was surprised to see an extra person, but let it go immediately. She helped Juliet and I get dressed and do our hair. Juliet was done before me, so she went downstairs to play with her cousins while Maria worked on me longer. She had my hair curled and pulled to one side and my bangs hung loose. She had put simple makeup on me, so I didn’t look too plastic. Then she added some white jewelry to my neck and arms before helping me into my shoes.

“Bethany, there you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” Zayn’s mom gasped.

“Yes…?” I asked slowly.

“Gina, Harry’s escort isn’t here. Can you be his escort?”


“Yes, Zayn picks four friends to lead out before he does…Harry is the one right before him; please?!”

“Yeah…sure.” I nodded slowly and she grabbed my hands.

“Wonderful- come here.” She dragged me to a lone of girls and put me right before the last one. “Okay, when Harry steps out, you walk to him, take his arm and walk down the stairs. It’s nothing overly complicated at all. As soon as you get to the bottom, you stand next to the girl in front of you and wait until Zayn waves everyone off. If you need anything, go to Harry. He’s done this many times before.” I nodded, still shocked of what was going on but before I had time to ask any questions, the music had started and I saw one of his friends walk out to meet the first girl.

Before I knew it, Harry had walked out and when he saw m walk out to be his escort, he looked almost shocked. I guess he wasn’t informed of this arrangement. I grabbed his arm and he pulled me close to him as we walked down the stairs. I was holding my breath, afraid I was going to fall. When we got to the bottom, I took my place and watched as Zayn walked down with his mom. I smiled and he too was surprised to see me standing in the line. When he got to the bottom, he gave a quick speech before waving everyone away. Harry came up to me and grabbed my waist.

“You look beautiful.”

“Thanks.” I chocked, feeling uncomfortable.

“It was a pleasant surprise seeing you as the girl I would be escorting.”

“I thought you knew.”

“Nope; Cara didn’t inform me of the girl I would be walking with.” I nodded, still looking around. “Come on- it’s time to introduce you to everyone.” 

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