Dancing Away With My Heart

What happens when bad boy, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, the quiet one, falls for the most innocent girl in school...Bethany? Will she stop running or will she run faster? *Includes alcohol, sex, references/actions of self-harm, and cursing*


4. 4



“Was she the one that did the solo?” Niall asked.

“Yes! Isn’t she absolutely amazing?!” Juliet sang, spinning in a circle.

“She was very good.” Zayn pointed out. “Is she your teacher?”

“No, she just came here about three months ago. She said she likes to move around a lot.”

“Why’s that?” I asked, curiously.

“She said she’s running, but that’s all she said. I never asked her after that.” Juliet shrugged like it wasn’t a big deal, but it was. This girl…or Bethany, was a big deal. I’ve loved girls before, don’t get me wrong but her…this was a totally different feeling. It was one of those love at first sight feelings…and I didn’t want her to get away that easy.



I saw the way Harry was thinking and I knew we were thinking the same thing. When we saw her dance, we both fell for her. I wasn’t stupid. She was beautiful but I wanted her for me. I wanted to be the one that figured out why she was running; to make her stay. I didn’t want to lose her to Harry but at the same time I didn’t want to lose Harry to Bethany since…I knew nothing about her.



“Hey Perrie.” I called through the flat I shared with a girl I had met here three months ago on the train ride here to London.

“Hey babe.” She said as I walked into the kitchen. “How was the recital?”

“It was good. I met that guy you’ve been eyeing down every time you come to one.”

“You mean that boy in all black, and always has those four guys with him!” Perrie asked, sounding excited.

“Turns out he’s Juliet’s older brother and his name is Zayn.”

“He’s so attractive…” Perrie sighed, making me giggle.

“I can’t lie, he is.”

“I called dibs! I said you should date the curly haired one or the blonde one.”

“Curly is Harry, and blonde is Niall.”

“Damn…did you meet all of them?” I nodded and she shook her head, smiling. “How’d you manage that?”

“Juliet dragged me over to them on my way out.”

“She will always be my favorite child.” Perrie pointed out. I smiled and finished helping her make dinner.

“She’s almost enough to make me stay here…”

“Babe…you need to stop running.”

“I can’t. I don’t want him to find me.”

“One day, you’re going to run out of places to hide and you’ll be stuck. What are you going to do when that happens?”

“Kill myself.”

“That’s dramatic.”

“No…that’s the truth.” 

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