Dancing Away With My Heart

What happens when bad boy, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, the quiet one, falls for the most innocent girl in school...Bethany? Will she stop running or will she run faster? *Includes alcohol, sex, references/actions of self-harm, and cursing*


36. 36

Days went by and we stayed with Perrie’s family. It took a few days getting used to but after awhile, I was used to being around so many people and actually enjoyed being around all of them.

Months went by and I was beginning to feel home and safe…but that’s when it gets bad. Once I start to feel at home, that’s when it’s time to leave again. Plus, I missed all the other boys.

“Perrie…?” I whispered one night.

“Mmm…” I heard her roll over to face my bed and I sighed. “What’s up?”

“I need to leave…”

“What?! Why?! I thought everything was going so well here!”

“Yeah it is, but I’m beginning to feel comfortable and that’s not a good sign.”

“Why can’t we stay?”

“G will find me…”

“G can suck my dick; just call the cops on him.”

“It isn’t that easy Perrie…”

“It should be.” I could picture her pouting from over here. This however made me giggle a little. “What are you laughing at?”


“Whatever; just get some sleep and we’ll figure out what to do tomorrow. Maybe Shelly or Joe will have an idea of what to do.”

“Okay…thanks Perrie.”

“Anything for you darling.” I rolled over then and tried to fall asleep, but I just couldn’t.

The next morning, Harry and Zayn were up in my room and we were coming up with a plan on how to keep moving.

“I honestly think we’re fine…we haven’t had any connection with G. Plus, everyone is happy here.” Zayn protested.

“Zayn, darling… we’re doing this all for Bethany right now, not ourselves. Chicago was good for a bit but it’s no longer safe for Bethany, according to her anyway. We want to do anything we can to keep her feeling safe and away from G.” Perrie said sternly.

“I agree with Perrie; two to one…we win Zayn.” Harry said with a shrug. Zayn groaned and I could only half smile.

“So where could we possibly go next?”

“Florida?” Perrie suggested. That’s where my cousin that got married moved to…I don’t think she would mind having us over.”

“You sure? Do you think she would mind us living there?”

“There’s only one way to find out…”

“Where don’t you have family?” Harry asked, making us all laugh.

“I literally have family everywhere…Bethany befriended the right person.”

“Good to know.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Hey, shut up…I’m calling Brit.” We all quieted down and waited for Perrie to get off the phone with her other cousin.

“So…how did it go?” Zayn asked.

“It’s a no-go…she’s pregnant with triplets and doesn’t want any extra humans, which makes sense to me anyway.”

“Yeah, I agree…” I said slowly. I inhaled sharply and closed my eyes. “Let’s go back to London…”

“ARE YOU CRAZY?!” Perrie screamed.

“I have to face him…for once nd for all…I need to get this over with…”

“Is that’s what you want…” Harry whispered, taking my hand.

“I don’t want it, but it has to be done…it’s been too long that I’ve been running…”

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Perrie asked, looking scared.

“Yeah, I mean…I hate moving around this much but I’m not sure if London would be our best bet with G and everything…” Zayn slowly added in.

“We’re going back to London…” Everyone in the room nodded and stayed seated, quietly. No one had anything left to say. 

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