Dancing Away With My Heart

What happens when bad boy, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, the quiet one, falls for the most innocent girl in school...Bethany? Will she stop running or will she run faster? *Includes alcohol, sex, references/actions of self-harm, and cursing*


30. 30

I woke up the next morning without Harry next to me. I got nervous until I found the note saying he went to get breakfast for us. I thought nothing of it until my phone made a bing noise saying someone had texted me.

You want him back, you can come to me. – Harry

There was a picture attached and I slowly opened it. As soon as I opened it, the tears started falling and I started screaming. Uncle G…had Harry. 






Hey cupcakes; sorry for the REALLY short chapter but...you know...I won't be on here for awhile. Enjoy the suspense. ;)                            

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