Dancing Away With My Heart

What happens when bad boy, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, the quiet one, falls for the most innocent girl in school...Bethany? Will she stop running or will she run faster? *Includes alcohol, sex, references/actions of self-harm, and cursing*


11. 11

After I got home that night, Perrie was waiting up for me. She was sitting on the couch, reading. I kicked my heels off and she turned to look at me.

“Where did you get those?”

“Harry; they’re his sisters.” She nodded and stood up.

“You look really nice. I bet they all loved you.”

“I really only talked to Harry and Zayn.”

“Did you put in a good word with Zayn for me?”


“Why not?!” Perrie asked, throwing her hands above her head.

“You never asked me to.”

“Well, I did tell you I think he’s attractive.”

“Is that code for something?”

“You need to enter the real world…” Perrie sighed, shaking her head.

“I’m pretty sure I’ve seen more of it than you have.” Perrie jokingly flipped me off, making me laugh.

“No one asked you.”

“You brought it up.” Perrie flipped me off again, making me laugh again. I wandered off to the bathroom to wash off all the makeup. Afterwards, I changed into pajamas and crawled into bed. I wanted to fall right asleep, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t help but shake the feeling that he was here. What if he was here and what if he was watching my every move? What if?

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