Everything About You

Fey Harris Was The New girl. Harry Styles was the flirt. One day, Harry flirts with her, His feeling arnt real.. at first. Could Fey possibly Be falling for the.. flirt?..

Barbra Palvin As Fey.
Harry Styles As Harry.
Acacia Clark As Ari.
Megan Fox As Allie
Taylor Lautner As Matt
And Anna Sophia Robb As Sophia.

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1. Meet Fey


Im Fey. 16 years old, and now currently living In Cheshire, England. Im Not From Here, Im From The America's. Im  actually from Oregon. Don't Get me wrong, Moving To England Was AMAZING, but i miss everyone back home. I started my first day of school tomorrow, and i wasn't that excited, because with new school comes the responsiblity of making new friends. I didnt't have alot of friends in my small town of oregon, And Come On, we're talking about England over here. I so far had met two of my neighbors. Their names Were Ari And Sophia. The Weren't sisters, or even related for that matter. I Hade Just Finished Moving Into MY Flat, Me, My mom, My Dad, And My Sister, Sarah. The Neighbor Girls Had Warned Me About Some Guy, Harry? I think. They Said He Was A Firt And Was Never Tied Down To One Girl. Not for too long, Anyways. They said that girls practicly flocked to him like birds. The told me not to get involved with him, that he was dangerous. And I believed them. After all, they were All, Innocent, And Smiley And Stuff. Its Not Like They Wanted To Hurt Me, Or Savotage Me. The Harry Guy Actually seemed like a jerk, but it was to early to say anything, about anyone. All they had told me was that he was a Player, and he was in a Band with four other guys. White Eskimo? I think.  Oh Well, Its Not Lie I Had to worry about this Harry guy, he would probably never cross my path. All i should be worrying about right now is how i should be decorating my space. I pulled in the little portable radio and turned on the radio.

:And Here's Your Favorite! D.N.A By Little Mix." The Radio Announcer Said.I hummmed along, as i drifted off to sleep, obviously not ready for tomorrow.

(A/N:  I know Little Mix Didnt Exisit at this time, But Oh Well.)


~The Next Morning~



I was walkingn to the bus stop when i spotted Ari And Sophia. Ari Looked Pretty As Always, nowing She Hated Me, i couldnt never have a chance. Where as Sophia On The Other Hand, She Was HOT. But Oh well, Can Never Be tied down to one Hot Girl Right? Right.

"HEY SOPH." I called. She And Ari Turned Around.

"what Harry?"

"Looking Gorgeous Today, Love." I chirped.

"Stay away From Us, And Especially Fey." They Said.

"Who Is Fey?" I asked.

"Better If You Didnt Know." She Said.

"Oh, Im Going to know." I said.

she And Ari Ran off, With a mystery girl trailing behind.

I ran to cath up to her.

"Hey There Fey, Im Harry." I said.

She Looked Frightened.

"Get- g-get away from me." She whispered.

"Fey, Nice To Meet You Too, Like  I said, Im Harry And You Can Just Call Me Your Future Boyfriend." I Said, Smirking.

She Turned And Ran Away.

That Was Weird, The Ladies Usually Flock To Me, Not Away From Me. Oh Well, One Less Girl To Worry About.


~three hours Later~

This Had Been Bugging Me, All day. What Had Happened. Was My Hair Not Curly Enough? Was That The Issue? I was Detirmened to find out why this girl didnt want me to get in her Pants.




Sitting down in all new classes, with all new people, and even with everything going on, all that i cold think about was Harry. why did he want to flirt with me? to claim me? I just hope He never came into  my life Again. Ever.



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