Everything About You

Fey Harris Was The New girl. Harry Styles was the flirt. One day, Harry flirts with her, His feeling arnt real.. at first. Could Fey possibly Be falling for the.. flirt?..

Barbra Palvin As Fey.
Harry Styles As Harry.
Acacia Clark As Ari.
Megan Fox As Allie
Taylor Lautner As Matt
And Anna Sophia Robb As Sophia.

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4. Forgive And Forget


           I  spotted Allie In the halls the next day. Allie and I have been On And Off Since 5th grade. As of now, we were off. I  Like Allie. She Has Dark brown hair And Glasses. Then Again, i thought to myself, Why did i even try with that Fey Girl, She obviously wasn't interested, So As Of Now I Like Allie. But I'm Still A Flirt. Don't get  me Wrong, Lots of fit girls in the U.K. With so little time.

    "Hey Babe." I said grabbing Allie's Waist, "Me, You, Dinner, Tonight At Seven, ill Pick You Up." I said.

     She Smiled. "Okay Harry."

What Started as kisses soon Elevated to a make out session, Allie's Fingers Twirling In my Hair. I Began To Unbutton Her Shirt, Here In The Halls, When The Bell Rang, She Smiled And Buttoned Her Shirt.

"See You tonight Harry." She said. I Shot her a wink and hurried off too lunch. 

  Sitting down at Matt's table, I Saw Fey Giggling At Something Matt Had Said. 

"Hey Harry!" He Called.

I saw Fey Frown Up At Him.

"Guess What??" Matt Said, As i Sat Down.

"Hm.??" I asked.

"Im Dating Fey." He said.

I practicly Spit Out My Water.





That Was Short, But zIt Was That, or Not Update For Today.. So..



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