New Girl

Kay Brown is a foreign exchange student from America into the school Bradford of Doncaster. Upon arrival, she is surprised to meet three interesting men. The one who decided to help her and make sure she was okay no matter what. The one that plays hard to get but might actually be head over heels. And the one with tattoos that hide all of his secrets below the ink and the black. Their names? Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Zayn Malik. What happens when your past keeps you from moving on and your future just seems like a murderer is disguise? Who will she pick? Read New Girl, to find out.


16. You Knew?

“Jessica, I would really appreciate if you explained to me what’s going on,” Liam frowns, turning to face us through the rearview mirror as I rub my fists into my eyes to wipe away tears.

“Liam, how about you ask her?” Jessica whispers, snapping her head up as she locks eyes with Liam and they mold into two pools of compassion.

“Kay, do you want to talk?” Liam questions, turning onto their street as he turns the music blaring through the speakers down.

“Louis....and....Olivia,” I whimper, waiting for him to turn into the driveway where he parks and cocks his head to the right.

“Who are those people?” Liam questions, grabbing the keys from the ognition and shutting off the car.

Two boys wait at the door in Bradford sweatshirts and jeans. The tallest had curly brown hair that was swiped over to the side like the boy I had encountered only a few hours ago. His green eyes were staring back at the car until he saw me in tears. His feet yanked him forward as he pounded on the door with his fist and swung open my door.

“What did you do?” he snaps to Liam, wrapping me into a large hug as I sob into his shoulder, “She’s a waterfall.”

“Harry, I didn’t do anything,” Liam snaps, stepping out of the car and helping me out as well, “But Kay, but I would love to know what happened.”

“As would I,” Harry responds, petting the back of my head with his soft hands.

“Eh, count me in,” the other chimes in, standing and rising to us.

He sticks out his hand and shakes Liam’s,”Grant. I go to school with Kay and Louis.”

His red hair was straight and wispy like a young Austin Mahone, but with freckles. His hazel eyes were covered with a pair of Black Ray Bans. His left ear had a small black earring that had a small white cross in the middle. His sweatshirt, unlike Harry’s, had “BRADFORD’S FINEST,” stenciled across the front with signatures of what seemed like cheerleaders on the back in bright pink marker. His skin was pale, not Edward Cullen pale, but lighter than Harry.

“What are you doing here?” I sniffle, pulling away from Harry to face all of them.

Harry had his hair wispy again but his sweatshirt just read, “I ACED CHEER ATHLETICS,” in a fancy yellow script. His jeans were worn and his black All-Stars seemed to be new but scuffed up a bit at the edges. He wrapped his arm around me and pointed at Grant, “Ginger and I were heading out for ice cream and we wanted to check on you...would you want any?”

“I don’t know if I want ice cream,” I lie, rubbing my eyes again as I move to the front door with Jessica behind me.

“We also wanted to go see a movie. You know, if you want,” Grant butts in, walking behind me and grabbing my wrist.

“Don’t touch me,” I bark, ripping my arm away as I throw the door open and trudge up the stairs.

“What’s her problem?” Grant questions, placing his arm behind his head and scratching it.

“Let’s see...her boyfriend beat her up. Don’t touch her,” Harry snaps back, running after me.

I look around to find a place to hide in peace. A white door beckons me forward and I take my leap of faith and roll through it into a light green room. The bedspread was a crisp white with normal pillows and a fuzzy throw rug. Maybe this was Jessica and Liam’s room. I walked over to the picture frames on the dresser and found many pictures of Louis and Harry, arm in arm. One was them outside Disney World with Niall and Liam. Harry had a Mickey Mouse top hat on, Louis wore a classic black Mickey hat with his name stenciled on the back, Niall had a Goofy hat, and Liam sported a Woody cowboy hat. The next photo looked like an uncomfortable Prom picture with Olivia and Louis. She was leaning all over him and he just seemed like an awkward Jenna Marble’s face. My eyes grazed over to a notebook that was white with blue stripes and read, “Journal.” I could get back at him like this. Read his secrets.

I flipped through the pages to find today’s entry and took a deep breath to start reading;


She called again. It’s getting more intimidating every single day. She threatens to kill me if I don’t meet her. I can’t do this anymore. Kay is just going to have to try to get over me, because we all know she's fallen in “love” with me.  Who am I kidding? Kay views me as just a friend. She won’t miss me. I can’t let Olivia kill her. I can’t let Olivia harm anyone. Not Kay, not Brookie, not Liam, not even Harry. Everyday, I feel like I have messed my entire life up. I caused Kay to get beaten to a pulp. I caused her that heartbreak. I..did this. I miss Harry. I really wish I had never met Olivia. God, I wish Jessica had never met Olivia. I wish that God had never created that monstrosity. She ruined my life. And I’ve lost everything because of her. I wish I had never deserted Harry. I left him when he needed me. And now Kay. What am I going to do?

Painfully yours,


He didn’t forget about me. He didn’t do this to me. Oh dear Louis, I’m sorry. You were just trying to protect me, weren’t you?

“Kay? What are you doing in here?” Harry and Louis say in unison.

I flick my head around to see Harry walking towards me as he throws an arm around me. He blocks me from Louis’s path and flicks his eyes to Louis with anger. His face goes from relief from finding me, to complete hatred for Louis.

“Jessica told me everything. You little..!” Harry snaps, walking towards Louis and slapping him across the face, “Hasn’t she had enough?!”

Louis’s eyes had morphed from being cruel into guilt as he tried to push Harry aside without success, “You’ve gotten stronger.”

“Yeah,” Harry snaps back, staying in between me and Louis as I try to make my past Harry.

“Harry. Harry. Harold,” I snap, trying to move around him he turns to lifts me into a hug as my feet dangle, “Let. Me. Down. Harold.”

Harry allows my feet to touch the ground and he walks over to the dresser and smiles faintly. He rolls his fingers through his hair and his eyes dance across the pictures with a sense of innocence. That was Harry’s childhood, Louis. Harry chuckles a bit as he tosses Louis a picture framed with Disney stickers.

“That was a good day,” Harry breathes out, propping himself up onto Louis’s bed with his yearbook, “I miss this.”

I let my eyes drop to my feet and slowly gravitate up to Louis’s face that stared at me with a mix of guilt and something I couldn’t exactly put my finger on. Why would he do that? He could have told me. He should’ve told me. I could’ve walked away with my heart still in one piece and my mind still in a stable condition. I had thought I lost him. The one boy that might actually fill the void of Carter, the unfillable void.  

“I...” Louis starts, reaching out to hug me but I just back up.

“Don’t talk to me right now, Louis,” I snap, placing my hands onto my eyes and blocking the tears from peeking into Lou’s view.

“I need to clear something up,” he frowns, reaching for me again and receiving a slap across his cheek, I didn’t want an apology.

“No you don’t. I am still pissed at you about that. Gosh! How stupid are you? Did you not think I could handle that? I could. Louis, I could! I could handle all of that. And why? Because I would trust that you would protect me. And guess what Tomlinson? You didn’t! You didn’t protect me. You...” I scream at him, clenching my fists and throwing myself down to my knees in defeat, “You crushed me.”

“Don’t say that. Kay, please don’t say that,” Louis begs, getting down next to me as he presses his arms around my shoulders and folds me into a tight hug, “ Don’t say that.”

“But it’s true,” Harry pipes up, coming over and yanking Louis up off of his feet, “You did break her.”

“Olivia was going to kill her! She knows that now! I did what I had to do!” he yells back, pushing Harry off of him as he grabs the journal and waves it in the air, “See? See!? And guess what?! I did that for you too. So go ahead and point fingers at me because it’s your funeral!”

“Wait. What did you just say?” Harry pauses, turning to Louis as his eyes change to a soft and curious child instead of the angry man I had seen a few moments ago, “About doing this for me?”

Louis breathes in deeply as he turns and snatches the journal from Harry and flips through a couple pages. Each page seems to have text printouts, photographs, and the occasional trinket. He stops at a green page with a text printout on the upper left hand corner.

December 23, 2010

Hey again, It’s me.

I think that Olivia is plotting something. I don’t know what. I don’t know when. But I’m pretty sure she’s plotting something. Harry has become distant. I’ve tried to call him, text, skype....everything. Nothing is working. Harry wouldn’t ignore me like that just because. Something’s up. I’m pretty much positive it has something to do with Olivia. I don’t know what happened. Last month she was the sweetest angel crafted from the hands of God himself, but now she’s the devil in Prada. I think Harry has replaced me as his best mate. He still talks to Niall and Liam, just not me. Why would he do that? I was Harry’s Best Mate. Not this Grant from school. I was Louis from football, from Disney World, Louis from school, Louis from preschool. I was Louis from everything.

Again, It’s just me,

Louis”  he reads throwing the journal back at Harry as he carefully plucks his yearbook off of the bed and passes it to me, “Page 53, Right hand corner.”

I take the book and let my fingers graze the pages. I wasn’t still mad, was I? I let the pages float until I reached the 53rd page and looked for what Louis had pointed out. Red lettering splattered over Harry’s fetus face and a thick heart traced Louis. A number was scratched under Harry’s name, “23 days left.”

“What does that mean?” I question, lifting my head to look at Louis dead on as Harry snags the yearbook from my grasp.

“No. No. No. This doesn’t mean what I think it means. This can’t!” he screams, dropping the book and turning away from us with his hands push through his hair.

“What?” I question, looking at Louis with hurt in my eyes as he drops his head into his hands and drops to his knees, “I wanted to tell you.”

“You wanted to tell me?! Oh sure! Did you want to tell the police officers? Did you want to tell my mother? Did you want to tell her that her daughter was gone? GONE. Missing. Disappeared. And guess what? She’s probably dead. My three year old sister is probably dead,” he argues, knocking everything on Louis’s counter off and onto the floor.

“Do you know how many times I wanted to kill myself after that? Do you know how many times I tried? Oh God Louis! You caused this! You!” Harry screams louder, grabbing a picture off of the floor and breaking it on the corner of the dresser, “You caused this!”

I quickly noticed that this wasn’t just a fit of anger. Harry followed the smashing of the grass with fiddling with them to find the biggest piece and he starts to creep up to Louis.

“LIAM! JESSICA! GRANT!” I scream, trying to stand in front of Harry but he pushes me away with one hand and continues to trudge after Louis.

Louis jumps behind the bed and tries to back away until he reaches the wall. His face contorts into a mix of fear and acceptance, he thought he deserved this. Footsteps bounded up the stairs and I could hear Liam’s panicked breaths as he saw Harry and Louis. Liam pounces at Harry and knocks the weapon from his hand.

“Harry, Harry. Calm down,” Liam orders, pulling Harry away as Grant enters the room, followed by Jessica.

Jessica walks over to Louis and helps him rise from his position. She pets his hair and wraps him in a big hug. She was just so caring. I couldn’t put my finger on why, but she was. Maybe it was because she was always around Liam. That would make sense.

“What happened?” she questions me, holding onto Louis and rocking him back and forth, “Did Harry hurt him?”

“Don’t ask me. I have no idea went down here. Just Harry attacked him,” I explain, shaking my hair out and walking towards the area where Liam took Harry.

“You heard him! He might know where Darcie is! I...have to try!” I hear Harry plead, as I wait, hiding behind the door frame.

“He doesn’t,” Liam shakes his head, grabbing Harry’s shoulder.

“But he knows who has her,” Harry snaps back, flinging his head over to me as his eyes soften, “Kay? Come here.”

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