New Girl

Kay Brown is a foreign exchange student from America into the school Bradford of Doncaster. Upon arrival, she is surprised to meet three interesting men. The one who decided to help her and make sure she was okay no matter what. The one that plays hard to get but might actually be head over heels. And the one with tattoos that hide all of his secrets below the ink and the black. Their names? Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Zayn Malik. What happens when your past keeps you from moving on and your future just seems like a murderer is disguise? Who will she pick? Read New Girl, to find out.


6. Red (part 4)

Author's Note: Hey guys! Sorry this one's short but the next one is changing POV. Well, love ya'll and tell your friends!


“Kay, I’m so sorry,” Zayn whispers, pulling me towards him as the tears stream down my face.
“I didn't even tell you half of it and I’m already like this,” I choked out putting my head on his chest as he just pats my back.
“You don’t have to finish. It’s okay,” he explains, holding me tight as he he rubs small circles in my back with his hand.
“No, you asked. I’m going to finish...” I wept, wrapping my arms around his neck.
“Okay, Kay. Okay,” he whispers into my hair.
“When I went back to school, everyone was evil. Friends became tormentors and people that didn’t even know Carter thought that he was sent with a one way ticket to hell because of me. People teased and taunted with cruel names. Things like Damnation, Hellion, or Kiss of Death, that one stung. Boys wouldn't even look at me. They muttered things about how they would commit suicide if they had to put up with me and that I was the reason Carter chose alcohol and pills. I was a drug to him. Girls called me a slut, a whore, football killer, and Kiss & Kill ‘em Kay...” I cried, holding him close as he patted my hair, “I left to flee from the torment or I was going to do something I regretted.”
Zayn pulled away and looked at my eyes. He moved my hair out from my eyes and locked eyes with me.
“Kay, I will always be here. I will always be here for you. I will never leave you like that, do you understand that?” he states, placing his hand on the side of my face as he carefully traces my freckles with his thumb, “You’re..just so beautiful to cry.”
“Zayn...” I whisper, looking down as I feel his gentle hands cup the sides of my face as he brings us nose to nose.
“People are going to tell you that I’m a heartbreaker. That I don’t portray any emotion, but please don’t listen to them,” he pleads, connecting my forehead with his as he continues to smile giddily at me.
“Zayn...I...” I try to finish my statement before he leans in a presses his lips to mine.
My eyes click close as she wraps his arms around my waist and pull me close to him. His right hand pulls away and his lips do as well for a minute as he pushes my hair away from my eyes. I feel his breathe as I wrap my arms around his neck and look and kiss him again. He stands along with me and picks me up bridal style and pulls away.
“Beautiful,” he whispers, dipping his head again as he gives me one final kiss and sets me down so we can ride home.

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