New Girl

Kay Brown is a foreign exchange student from America into the school Bradford of Doncaster. Upon arrival, she is surprised to meet three interesting men. The one who decided to help her and make sure she was okay no matter what. The one that plays hard to get but might actually be head over heels. And the one with tattoos that hide all of his secrets below the ink and the black. Their names? Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Zayn Malik. What happens when your past keeps you from moving on and your future just seems like a murderer is disguise? Who will she pick? Read New Girl, to find out.


11. Broken (part 2)

I had a two broken ribs and some sort of jacked up lung. Harry kept fussing over the fact that I was going to be living alone for my recovery time and about the fact that Zayn might come back.
“Fine, how long is her recovery time?” Louis snapped, looking at Harry and then back at me.
It was almost painful to see how badly they bickered.
“A month, and I am not comfortable for her to stay alone like that during that time period,” Harry bickers, grabbing the clipboard at the bottom of my hospital bed and chucking it at Louis.
“Fine, she stays with both of us for two weeks, fair?” Louis smiles rudely, lifting the clipboard up and placing it back on the table.
“Every other week,” Harry bargains, sticking his hand out and shaking Louis’s.
“Every other week,” he agrees, helping me up into my wheelchair and kissing my cheek, “She’s mine first.”
“Says who?” Harry frowns, wheeling me out of the room where a black Honda waits for me.
“Liam,” Louis chuckles, helping me into the car and strapping the buckle over me carefully before kissing my cheek again.
He shuts the door, sticks his tongue out at Harry, and swings into the passenger's seat. A tall, muscular boy turns around and sticks his hand out for me to shake, “Liam Payne, I’m Lou’s step brother.”
I nod my head and shake his hand with a smile, “Kay Brown, Lou’s friend.”
“Ah friendzoned!” a little girl besides me laughs, pointing at Louis and then at me, “I’m Brooke, Lou’s step sister.”
Liam checks for my buckle and Brooke’s and starts to back out of the parking lot and into the road where he touches the radio which blares random musical sounds.
“I hear that Kay is a great singer,” Liam smiles, staring at me through the mirror.
“Where did you hear that?” I snap my head and cringe at the pain coming from my side.
“My girlfriend, Jessica, was at the karaoke club that night when you sang. Care to sing for us?:” Liam smiles, hitting his blinkers as he looks at Louis, “Nando’s break?”
“I could eat,” Louis smiles, looking at me, “Are you?”
“Starved,” I mouth, grabbing my stomach and rolling around in the back.
“I agree with Ribs over here. I want some foooood,” Brooke sings, grabbing onto Liam’s chair and shaking it.
Louis spins in his chair and stares at me, “Wanna go get something better? I mean..if you want.”
Was this kid made of money? I mean, he payed my hospital bill, dyed my hair, and was now taking me to lunch. But, like I have mentioned before, I have nothing against free food. “Why not. What are you thinking?” I respond, pulling my purse out from under the seat and fishing around for my wallet.
“I was thinking something like Deju Vu ,” Louis smiles, snatching my wallet from me and throwing it into the trunk, “My treat.”
“So is it French or something?” I question, trying to reach back and get my wallet but wincing in pain.
Brooke reaches over and sets me back with a scowl. Her hair cascaded down her front and covered her eyes like a veil on a bride. She was going to grow up to be extremely pretty. This was a family of supermodels, and I’m just me. Jean wearing, T-Shirt pairing, pony tail flipping, me. I was nothing grand. Nothing pretty. Why was Louis paying me so much attention then?
“Hey Lou, can we swing Brookie back home and Kay, Jessica, you, and I can go swing by the cafe?” Liam laughs, pulling out of Nando’s and buckling it down to a large brick house on the end of the street. It’s stained glass reflected the sunlight onto the grass around it and molded to the light feet of Brooke and Liam as they charged for the door.
“What about your mum?” I whispered, as Louis slung my arm around his shoulder as support.
He shook his head and stopped in the grass and sat upon the bright green mesh. His hair fell from his eyes and his eyes flicked to me and reached out his hand. His blue eyes sparkled in the sunlight and his oddly colored pants just made everything seem like things could get better. I could forget Carter. I could forget Zayn. I could forget the past with Louis.
I positioned myself beside him on the grass as we stared up at the clouds. Some passed with puffy white puffs but others looked choppy and disoriented.
“Go home cloud, you’re drunk,” Louis laughs, wrapping his arm around me and pointing at the choppy clouds.
“That one looks like a bunny with a top hat,” I declare, pointing at a cloud in the distance and smiling a big and cheesy grin.
“I don’t see it,” Louis puckers his lips as he turns to his side and looks at me with those two perfect pools of blue.
“Really?” I whisper, praying to the heavens above that he was going to stay smart and not do anything he would regret.
“It’s more of a cat with a visor...if I do say so myself,” he chuckles, rolling over onto his back as he traces the outline of the clouds with his index finger.
“Question game,” I blurt, sitting up and staring at him as he props himself up on his arms and looks at me.
“No boundaries?” he grins, throwing his hair off of his face as he grabs his phone out of his pocket at lays it on the ground in front of him.
I mimic him and lay my phone out. Maybe he’ll make me prank call someone or something. He grins and moves his hands to switch my phone’s place with his and places his arms in his lap,”You go first.”
I ponder my question and quickly blurt without actually thinking about how he might respond. “How did your last relationship end?” I blurt, grabbing the tips of my hair and twirling them around my finger.
“Do you really want to know?” he breathes, looking back up at the clouds and back at his feet.
What had I gotten myself into? I nod and smile a pathetic smile at him before he takes a deep breath and begins. Tears begin to drop down his face as he tries to say her name.
What had I done?

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