New Girl

Kay Brown is a foreign exchange student from America into the school Bradford of Doncaster. Upon arrival, she is surprised to meet three interesting men. The one who decided to help her and make sure she was okay no matter what. The one that plays hard to get but might actually be head over heels. And the one with tattoos that hide all of his secrets below the ink and the black. Their names? Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Zayn Malik. What happens when your past keeps you from moving on and your future just seems like a murderer is disguise? Who will she pick? Read New Girl, to find out.


8. Bad (part 2) Kay's POV

“Hey, Kay,” Zayn calls, running down the halls as he stops abruptly at my locker with his dark backpack slung across his shoulder.
“Hey, Zay,” I laugh pulling my Spanish binder from my bag and shoving the rest into my locker.
“Zay and Kay...nice,” he starts, wrapping his arm around me and we start to walk to class before he stops me, “I see you like your new jacket.”
I look at my clothes and remember that I was wearing the leather jacket Zayn had given me paired with a pair of black jeans and my AC DC shirt and random beads. Zayn was becoming a bigger deal to me ever since school started and I just didn’t want to disappoint him. “So I am..” I smile, wrapping my arm around his waist as I hear girl’s swooning around the corner, “Is Harry back?”
“Probably,” Zayn mouths as we go and investigate the crowd of ooing and ahhing girls.
Instead of the curly haired boy I knew for being a flirt, Louis stood in distressed Levi’s, a Guns and Roses tee, spiked hair, and a black earring in his right ear. His arm was stretched across him onto a locker besides him to reveal a small word written in brown but “dripping” with Blue like the Nick sign, “Her.”
“Tomlinson!” I yell, as he turns to face me and a smile crosses his face, “A word?”
I passed all the girls and grabbed Louis’s arm and pulled him towards the bathroom before calling to Zayn, “I’ll see you later!”
Louis had a stupid grin on his face when I locked us in the Wheelchair enabled bathroom and turned to face him. I felt like slapping him. Why would he do that to himself? Ink his skin, pierce his flesh, and line his eyes just for girls? This wasn’t Louis.
“What the hell?” I whispered, looking at him with careful eyes as I tried to smooth down some stray hairs.
“What do you mean?” he laughs, putting his hand on mine before I pull away, this wasn’t right.
“Are you on crack or something?” I snap, grabbing his arm and finding more tattoos, “Wanna explain these?”
“Well, the pen is about when we signed your locker..which I might add, you haven’t erased yet. The ship horn is about a boat trip I had a while back that was one of my most memorable memories and this?” he tells me, pointing to the word I saw early.
“Yeah, that,” I frown, examining it.
“It’s it obvious?” he rolls his eyes as he turns us to the mirror and puts his arm near me.
“No, it’s not. Excuse my stupidity,” I whisper, looking at my reflection.
Louis lifts my hair and places it next to the tattoo and smiles, “See it now?”
“” I panicked, turning to him as he straightened me out and put the hair back.
“I can’t always express myself in the way you want me to, Kay. Sometimes I just have to be seditious..” he laughs at the big word when he wraps me in a big hug.
“This isn’t you. Lou, this isn’t you,” I whisper, holding him tight as tears stream down my face, I was losing him.
“Kay, you're not losing me,” he explains, unclipping the earring and grabbing a towel from the side of the sink and scrubbing off the pen and the horn, “But this one’s real.”
He points to the tattoo about me and sighs, “Kay, I know you never really felt anything with me. You just think we’re friends but guess what? I just inked my skin with your name and am officially a living Ed Sheeran song,” he smiles, letting me cry onto his shoulder.
“I don’t understand,” I whisper, still holding onto him.
“I love you Kay,” he smiles, teeth and all, before leaning in and placing a sweet kiss on my lips.
He wraps his arms around my waist and holds me to him as my arms are still wrapped around his shoulders. He slowly pulls away and wraps me in a tight hug, “I am in love with you, Kaitlyn Brown. I am in love with you.”


Author's Note: I have no idea who's side I'm on. Feels. Feels. Feels. What side are you on? Leave it in the comments.


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