New Girl

Kay Brown is a foreign exchange student from America into the school Bradford of Doncaster. Upon arrival, she is surprised to meet three interesting men. The one who decided to help her and make sure she was okay no matter what. The one that plays hard to get but might actually be head over heels. And the one with tattoos that hide all of his secrets below the ink and the black. Their names? Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Zayn Malik. What happens when your past keeps you from moving on and your future just seems like a murderer is disguise? Who will she pick? Read New Girl, to find out.


7. Bad (Louis's POV)

Louis’s POV
“Lou, she’s fine,” my older step-brother Liam reassured me as I paced around my room with my hands over my head.
“And what if she’s not?” I snap as my eyes flick to my phone as Liam rises to stop me.
“Mate, she’s fine,” he tries to snatch my phone and hold it above his head with no success.
I dive for the phone and feel my fingers graze it before they fall to my side. She was fine. She’s a smart girl. She won’t do anything stupid. She’s fine. I picked myself and dusted the fuzz from the carpet off of me as I walked out to the hallway where millions of pictures and painting lined the way to the kitchen.  The first section was just of me and my mother or some sort of vacation themed item. Don’t get me wrong, I have friends. I consider Liam and I friends and I have another friend from my football team, Niall, but just I’m not exactly social. Liam is friends with all of the guys from the gym and my youngest sister, Brooke, is nothing near shy but I just don’t see the point of talking to people. When you talk to people, they end up just saying something that irks, pisses, or offends you. The first photo is of my mother and I standing in front of Big Ben as I pretend to be looking at the time as she pretends to point up. the next is of me and Brooke sitting on a ferry last spring that was taking us to somewhere.
I think Liam was about to kiss her but we convinced the captain to blow his horn at just the right moment to scare him into staying away. Priceless.
“Lou, is something wrong?” I hear Brooke call from behind me as she skips up and stares at me.
“Everything’s fine, Brookie,” I lie, picking her up and walking with her on my hip.
Her dark hair cascaded down her back in one long braid  to reveal two silver studs, “Wait, Momma let you pierce your ears?”
She shook her head and a thick smile stretched across her face, “Emily’s mother did it for me!”
I rolled my eyes and set her down on the floor. Thankfully, my mother wasn’t home to kill her today. She was Todd, my stepfather’s, daughter so she didn’t share any sort of trait with me. Her thick brown hair spiraled out from her braid but contrasted with her deep green eyes. Even though we didn’t share DNA, she took after me when it came to friends. Only seven and she wasn’t even very outgoing.
“Mother is going to kill you,” I laugh, spinning her around and carefully undoing her braid, “Come on, let’s get you some dinner.”
Her eyes light up as she grasps my hand and skips with me to the kitchen as we make idle chit-chat.
“Lou, do you have a girlfriend?” she smiles, as she slips herself in a chair and frames her face with her small hands.
I chuckled at her innocence. I remembered being that young. Just thinking that a miss was pretty or in her case, a lad. I remember making valentine’s for an Emerson Hines in the third grade and fretting over the fact that she might not like them. And look where I was now? Head over heels for a chap that I just met and might just fancy.
“No, Brookie, I do not have a girlfriend,” I smile, making my way to the cabinet where the bread box sits and the cheese slices lay.
I start up the stove top and grease the pan before looking back at Brooke and deciding that she doesn’t actually need to know what goes on between me and other girls.
“So you don’t even fancy anyone?” she frowns, getting up as she starts to butter the bread and passes me a slice of cheese.
“Well,” I choke out, placing the cheese bread onto the pan and closing the lid.
“Tell the sister,” Brooke laughs, running to her seat and crossing her legs in front of her.
“You wouldn’t understand,” I laugh off,  pulling the grilled cheese off of the pan and putting it on a plate for her.
“Lou, you could have whatever girl you wanted. Just go get her, swagmasta,” she giggles, running upstairs with her sandwich.
I think about telling her she can’t eat that upstairs but I think twice. That was great advice, from a seven year old. But I couldn’t just chat Kay up. I think I had to be a little bit more convincing than that. She likes bad boys? I could be bad. Yeah, I could be bad.


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