The Unknown

harry is a vampire that falls in love with a mortal he almost bite he one night but liam stops him and orders eleanor to erase her memories harry is tying his best to get her memoies back and win her heart


11. the song


~Nebula POV~ 

I couldnt believe I saw him again even tho I knew this was only the secound time I have saw him I felt inside my heart like I saw him more times then this. As I was in deep In though I felt something touch my hand something cold I look Down then up at harry he was blushing. Did our hands just touch? "Damn you feel so cold" "Yeah is a cold night you know?" "No is a windy night not cold at all" he didn't respond back I just drop it after all I just meet him. I gesture him to come up the stairs because my apartment was on the 3rd floor I hate it but I was in need and it was the only one available at that time. I guess I dont mind anymore I got use to it. I went trough my bag looking for my keys I couldn't find them so I kneel down put my bag on the floor and start to look trough my back more fast and with a really worry face "Is something wrong?" harry ask me knowing there was really something wrong I just sigh "Yes I think I lost my keys or left them at work I don't know I dont really have good memory and I always miss place my stuff" I reach behind a plant that was close to my door and grabbed the hidden key "Hum smart one" "Yup always have to keep an extra in always losing my keys" I open up the door and told him to come in. This is just great best thing that had happen in a long time. "wow nice place a little to girly don't you think?" he gave me a smile showing his dimples my apartment was painted light pink with light blue couches and black tables yup he was right it was girly but after all I am girly girl always been have and always will. As soon as I snap out of my thoughts I saw him holding papers....omg no no no this is bad he was reading the songs I had written. Yes I write songs when I'm bored and I'm pretty good if I may say so. I ran to him and try to satch it out of his song but he keep it above his head still reading. "Give it back" I repeated multiple times "You write songs?" omg did he really just ask that is it obvious that I do? "Naw does are just some lose pages from my diary" I said sarcastically "Well Mrs.sarcastic how about you sing me a little bit?" he wink at me "Oh no I don't sing I just write" I said waving my hands in the air "C'Mon how bad could you be?" "You can't even imagen it" "This song seems pretty cool to I want to hear from your voice tho" "Alright hand it to me first tho" he handed me back the lyrics and I my mouth began to open I can't believe I was about to sing to a stranger. I took A deep breath before staring to sing my favorite part. 

'Is in his DNA d-d-d DNA is in his DNA and he just take my breath away bre-bre-breath away I feel it everyday and that's what makes a man,not hard to understand perfect in every way I see it on his Face nothing more to say is in his d-d-d DNA..... is the blue on his that help me see the future finger prints that leaves me cover for days yeah yeah yeah now I don't have any first degree but I know what he does to me no need to work it out its all so familiar oh oh and my heart won't beat again if I can feel it him in my veins not need to question that I already knowww!!' I stop and look up at harry his mouth was wide open and he had a blank expression "omg was I really that bad?" "No you were amazing and that song you sang it with so much power it was truly amazing" "Well that song has a weird meaning and weird story behind it...."

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