The Unknown

harry is a vampire that falls in love with a mortal he almost bite he one night but liam stops him and orders eleanor to erase her memories harry is tying his best to get her memoies back and win her heart


12. the reason behind it


~Nebula POV~ 

Harry look very interesting on my reason for that song after all it was pretty mysterious song I took a deep breath and let out a loud sigh before starting to speak again "Sit down on the couch cause this is going to be Hella weird" he went to the couch and sat down "Ok so the day I meet you in the morning I woke up with a huge headache I couldn't remember anything like at all I though I got wasted the day before or something cause that's what usually happens when you drink to much beer so I just left it with like that and decided not to push it any farther and I miss work cause it hurt so much I decide to go for a walk with my dog you know fresh air is good for the body well when I bump into you and touch you something really weird happen it went dark for a split secound then I had images of fangs and red eyes I ignore it. I spoke with you and felt this thing in my heart that was scare of you I ignore it again cause you were so damn hot. I got home watch tv made dinner eat and went to sleep when I woke up I had a nightmare it was the same dream I had the before I woke up that same was about vampires I know silly but still the next I had this thing in my heart that I need it to let it all out like this great darkness like something of me had experienced to be with a bad guy. I start writing my song non stop like I knew exactly what I was writing something controll my body when I was done I drop my pencil it was all weird and since then I didn't want to touch or even see that song again until today I took it out and read it and even sing it but I felt disgusted to just speak does words...when I saw you today I knew it was only the 2nd time I saw you but I felt like I saw you more then that..and when I sang it to you I felt so powerful like I meant to sing it a totally different feeling from before and here we are now. Don't think I'm mental please. Trust me I'm as creep out as you might be"  

~Harry POV~  

As she explain I knew exactly what was happening Eleanor didn't actually erase all her memory about that night she left clues on her mind and body for her to discover the truth it wasnt all lost like it was supposed to be. I didn't seem surprised of what she was telling me but she seem pretty frighten. I Might not have a soul anymore but I felt like she was what humans call 'Soul mate' she finish her talking her last words were hurtful for me. I couldn't tell her what was really going on with her I couldnt hold her in my arms and tell her not to be freak out that it was all for a reason. I had to say something the silence was killing her from the inside she wanted me to say something back " Don't worry girly its alright I don't think your mental there most be a explanation for this" she was looking down I grabbed her chin and pull it up I saw tears run down her delegate face. I swipe then off and couldn't resist anymore I pull her In for a thigh hug. She hug me back tears still running down her face. My poor nebula. "Is getting extremely late I'm sorry darling but I have to go" she pull back and nodded in understanding "Can I have your number?" I ask she went to her back pocket pulling out her phone and unlocking it"Here just type yours in and ill type mines on yours" I also pull out my phone and we trader phone numbers. I gave her another hug and walk away well until she close the door after that I speed off.

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