The Unknown

harry is a vampire that falls in love with a mortal he almost bite he one night but liam stops him and orders eleanor to erase her memories harry is tying his best to get her memoies back and win her heart


22. the fight


~Harry POV~ 

Once nebula saw that Danielle was making feel pain she rush to me and gave me a hug. That's were I got the strength to tell Daniellie I was also a pureblooded. Once Danielle stop I lifted up my face to see nebulas worry fave"Harry are you ok?" I nodded. She came closer to me and whisper in my ear "Change me I can protect you" I obey as she said and went to her neck, I insert my fangs into her. She scream in pain my venom was getting Into her I knew the pain she was feeling I felt it as well once but it was all worth it. I stop sucking and let her go. She Stud up and touch were I bite her. She smile at me "I though you say it wouldn't hurt?" "Yeah well mm it was fast tho and in a second the pain goes away" She gave me her hand to help me stand up. Once I was up she gave me a peck on the lips and turn around were Danielle was. "You bitch" she mumble. Nebula speed of pushing liam into the wall. "Pain" I didn't effect nebula at all. She quickly grabbed Danielle by th neck and pushing her into the wall. Taylor came in and try to hurt her but it didn't effect her. Danielle neck was already staring to break. "HOW DARE YOU EVEN TRY TO HURT HARRY!" the only thing Danielle manage to say over and over was 'Liam help me' Eleanor came down and try to blind nebula she was surprised it didn't work. Danielle manage to kik nebula off her.She start running. Nebula disappear;Nobody could see were she was. Everybody start running at the side of Danielle tying to protect her. They knew nebula was strong and that nun of there gift would really effect her. She was not just powerful she was a new born. Everybody was in the backyard and they were standing around Danielle.You could tell she was frighten. Nebula came infront of Danielle and with one touh made Danielle disappear to. Nobody could see anything but they heard danielle's screams bouncing all over the place. "Liam The roof to the right!" Demi scream in her squeaky voice. Liam went to the roof and punch something when we could all see nebula gave a smirk to everyone. "Awe I guess you found the wrong person" she had Danielle infront of her. She look very much in pain she deserve it but it was to horrible to watch. Nebula suddenly let go of Danielle and touch her trout. "I'm thirsty" she whisper I took this opportunity to get her out of here before she hurts anybody else or Danielle even more. I came behind her and grabbed her waist and pull her close to me. "Come on let's go hunting you won't be able to resisted for long babe" She nodded and took my hand and we start speeding off.

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