The Unknown

harry is a vampire that falls in love with a mortal he almost bite he one night but liam stops him and orders eleanor to erase her memories harry is tying his best to get her memoies back and win her heart


13. stop


~Eleanor POV~ 

I hope harry gets here soon he has taken longer then I thought demi and me ain't that strong are powers are not really so useful well I can blind them or let them see different things but I don't consider that useful. Taylor got mad and join us she really helps Louis show up right in time niall came to our side. But zayn and Perry keep there loyalty to them. Zayn keep it just because niall is in our side they don't really get along. I mean zayn can appear fire from nothing and niall can make appear ice out of nothing there total opposites. Harry have always done stupid things but liam let it all go since harry could control all 4 elements. The same with Perry she was a reckless girl but she can see the future so he always let them do what they want and cleans up after them. I think we have gone to far with this one cause Liam looks angry as fuck. Anyways back to the battle they were out number just by one but still that's good "Ah...." "Let her go" "Awe your little girlfriend Eleanor have disobey in a horrible way more then you all she must die" liam came behind me and he was about to rip my head off when.....Harold came and punch the ground and made a tiny earthquake making everybody move and It was my opportunity to scape before they kill me. "You have finally join us harold.....your power is amazing but to bad you must die today you talk with the human....Perry.." Danielle said "STOP IT!!! I'm the one in charge I decide what happens here I'm the pureblood one in this house. Sometimes you don't have respect on me and that shouldn't happen first your my girlfriend second I'm in a different level then you. Everybody obeys me and my orders not yours danielle I like you taking command but when I'm not here tot taking everything to far. Stop in now and for all." Liam snap on Danielle it was about time that girl was getting out of line "B-B-But li-" liam cut her off "No buts Danielle now everybody get inside and will try to talk this over for the last time alright without hurting each other"

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