The Unknown

harry is a vampire that falls in love with a mortal he almost bite he one night but liam stops him and orders eleanor to erase her memories harry is tying his best to get her memoies back and win her heart


9. scaping


*3 weeks later* 

~Harry POV ~

I was walking around my room in circles playing with my hands the thing that I knew were she live already and I couldn't run to see her kill me from the inside."Not long until you see her Harold not long you waited this long you could wait a few more hours" I whisper to myself trying to calm down. Once in a while I wanted to scape from this house and run to her as fast as I could but of course since Eleanor promise she wouldnt let me go, She didn't that girl can really keep her promises. Liam and Danielle stop paying attention to me they though I understood by now And wouldn't go back to her anymore they were so wrong. Twilight was coming soon and each minute that pass my heart beat more and more faster. My heart feel with happiness that I would see nebula again. That girl had me crazy she made me feel a away never before in my life I felt before and trust me I had live for a longgggggggg time!!! I smile at the fact that it was a thursday the first time I saw her was a thursday. That should be good that way I could defiantly find her she must be walking the same way as the time I meet her. Night time drop and I honesty I didn't know if I was ready to see her but I couldn't care less. I open my rooms window slowly. I check left to right twice to see if anybody was near. Nobody. I jump and landed on my knees And with my head down. I Look up and there was Danielle and liam. "Going somewhere?" Danielle ask with a devilish smile. "I though you would know better now then trying to foul me Harold" I was shock how did he knew? the only people that knew was me,Eleanor,and Louis. Taylor came down from the roof and mouth 'Sorry' to me. "Your little friend here doesn't really know how to keep secrets we pretend to let our guard down you know?" "Taylor how did you know?" I look back and Eleanor was behind me "I over heard you guys and I needed a way to stop you guys from doing something as wrong as this" Taylor say in a proud voice "Taylor you bitch I though you love know this could hurt me and even my death sentence not only me but Eleanors and Louis" I angerly yell at her "I do love you that's why I can't let you be with her" "That's the wrong kind of love you had there if Louis prefer somebody different I would let him go and even try to hook them up....that's what true love is yours is so....fake" eleanors voice got lower as she speak. "Awe this is all so cute I'm sorry to interrupt but harry was right this might be his last date of having the so not eternal life" "WHAT I THOUGH IF I TOLD YOU, UOU WOILDNT HURT HIM" "We lie" Taylor was mess up from the head but I won't let this stop me "ELEANOR!!!" I turn at her and she nodded she blinded Danielle and liam I push Taylor out of the way and start running I jump in a tree and look back at Eleanor and mouth 'I'm sorry' to her she nodded and mouthed 'Go ill be Okk' to me. I start running again the wind making my curls go back I just put a smile on I would soon see nebula again

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