The Unknown

harry is a vampire that falls in love with a mortal he almost bite he one night but liam stops him and orders eleanor to erase her memories harry is tying his best to get her memoies back and win her heart


21. nebula strengh


~Harry POV~ 

"Harry do you have paper?" I nodded and handed nebula some paper and a pencil "What are you going to do?" "I want to write a song , to get my feelings out" "Feelings out?" "Yeah I dont know what to do" I want her to be with ne forever and never go. But I don't want her to regret giving up her life just to be with like Lucy with zayn. Suddenly I heard the door slam open "NEBULA" Lucy.... "Omg we have to get out of here now they want to turn you into one of them because you would be a protective shield , and would be able to make your self unseen by others" I was surprised so that's what my beautiful nebula can do she wasn't just strong in a human form but also once she turn to a vampire she would be way stronger then me. Could Lucy be telling the true? She start pulling nebula to the window I grabbed her hand to stop her "Harold if you love her-" "I do but I won't let her go see it easy. She's mine now and ill protect her with all I -" "STOP IT doesnt anyone care what I think? what I want to do??" tears were Rolling Down nebula's red face. "But we only want to prote-" Lucy got cut off by no other then liam Payne as in a pain I'm the fucking ass he keeps getting in me and nebula's way "You little how dare you put me to sleep you though you could scape so easy from me? Ha that's were your wrong Lucy " "Liam..." nebula ran into liam and wrap her arms around him. "What's wrong darling? Tired of harry already? Did he make you cry?" liam lifted her chin up and wiped her tears out of her chin.This just made me blood boiled up. Why would she go running to his arms? "What did you do to nebula? She wouldn't run to your arms!!" I screamed my lungs out. nebula turn around and gave me a smirk "Oh harry, harry ,harry, You treat me like a child. I can make my own decision and Lucy even if you were planning to save I didn't want to be safe I been thinking it over and over again in my head I would actually want to be a vampire imagen what I could do? I wanted to be by harry's side but he keeps making decisions for me that I don't even like" "I would never get on your way nebula imagen you and me only the two of us" Liam whisper to her ear loudly enough for me and Lucy to hear he start kissing her on the neck infront of me that baster. I couldnt take it anymore I ran up to him and punch him in the face "Pain" "How dare you touch liam your nothing" "Im also a pureblood" I struggled trying to say does few words but Danielle finally stop and her expression was unbelieveable.

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