The Unknown

harry is a vampire that falls in love with a mortal he almost bite he one night but liam stops him and orders eleanor to erase her memories harry is tying his best to get her memoies back and win her heart


15. morning


~Nebula POV~  

After harry left me yesterday I went to my bed and cry myself to sleep. There was something wrong with me and I probably scare harry. He probably tough I have mental problems. I woke up to my a buzzing sound. I grabbed my phone under my pillow Yes under my pillow pretty weird but I always put it under my pillow. I woke up with my vision a little blurry cause of the crying yesterday I blink a couple times and everything was back to normal. I look up to my phone to see a message from Harry. Omg Harry my heart stop for a secound when I saw his name. I though after yesterday I would never see him or hear from him again I open that text that said...... 


heyyy Good morning beautiful. How about going out for coffe? and after I can walk you to work ^.^  

Wow he call me beautiful he acts like he knows me from a long time ago but still I have a date with him. 


mmmm yeah sure come pick me up in a hour today I have school. So we can't spen lots of time together sorry! xc  

Yeah I go to collage from Monday-Friday in the morning and at night I work. On Saturday I work and Sunday is my free day I have a busy schedule. My phone buzz again 


Hey how about we go to school together? Will have to pick up Nicole to so how about it?  

Lucy and Nicole were my best friends they were so nice. Even if Nicole can be bipolar I still love her.  


Sorry boo boo I have a date before school with a super hot guy tell you all about him later. ^.<  

Lucy told me it was Okk and she needed all the details about him typical her always wants to gossip Harry told me it was Okk and he would be here in a hour like I said. I jump out of bed went to the restroom and do the usual brush my teeth and took a quick shower. I went to my closet to see what I could wear I decide on a flowery long sleve shirt that in the front said 'don't trust this smile' with some black leggings and my brown ugg boots. I straighten my hair really quick and curl the tips of my hair. I put on a tin cover of make up so it would look natural. That's when I heard the door bell ring. I grabbed my cell phone And stuff it on the front pocket of my earopastel backpack. Once I open the door there he was looking sexy without even trying he had a Benny on with a grey t-Shirt black skinny jeans and white converse. He look amazing.  

"Like what you see?" I realized I was starting at him with my mouth slidely open. damn it. He lean up to me and whisper to my ear "You can have it all if you want....we can stay and do some naughty things instead of getting coffee" I felt my body getting hot and I was pretty sure I was red as a tomatoe! "Haha I was just teasing you come on let's go" once we got downstairs I saw him walking to a bright red Ferrari. "Wow that's your car? did you steal it?" I wink at him and gave him a smirk "No I bought it this morning to see if I can impress you babe" "I dont like being call babe by somebody that's not my boyfriend I might play around but not like that either ill prefer to walk to my school or tell my friend Lucy to come pick me up if things are going to be a joke to you" I said coldly I don't know were that came from we bearly knew each other but I did had to put a rule to alm this. "I'm sorry I didn't want to offend you nebula" he said in a sad tone. I sigh "Fine come on I did tell you I didn't had much time after all I have to be at school by 10." Harry nodded and open the door for me then he walk around to the other side I hope I just didn't screw things up either. He start the engine,he start driving out of my apartmeants.The car ride was pretty quite I hate being all quite but after what happen it was all awkward.

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