The Unknown

harry is a vampire that falls in love with a mortal he almost bite he one night but liam stops him and orders eleanor to erase her memories harry is tying his best to get her memoies back and win her heart


16. morning date

~Harry POV~
I didn't meant for her to get mad at me. After all I've gone trough a lot just to talk to her I wouldn't want to loss her because of something stupid. We arrive at Starbucks. I open the door for her "Thanks" damn that voice makes me melt her voice is so angelic. "Mmm can I get a cold coffe French vanilla please....I don't really like hot coffe but you should try some harry your so cold" "Naw I'm good I'm always cold I got use to it. oh ill have the same as her" I got out my wallet and pay the cashier she thank me once again and we sat down on a tiny table just for two. "So nebula what are you studying?" "Music" "Of course I should had being obvious!" "What do you mean?" "Your a writer and you can sing so damn good" "Uh thanks? I guess...Yeah I'm not expecting to become something big like actually being a music star I know I won't make it like reality right? so ill like to be a background singer or a choir teacher you know?" "Wow!! Well with that voice you can definatly make it bigger then a simple choir teacher" she gave me a smile showing her deep dimples! we keep talking about her and me I Try to keep my personal things to myself and not tell her like my age. She is only 19 oh how young its almost to adorable. We finish our coffe and then I took her home. That coffe would have tasted better if I was human. It taste horrible for me I need to go get something a little more my style. Its time to go hunting for a girl.

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