The Unknown

harry is a vampire that falls in love with a mortal he almost bite he one night but liam stops him and orders eleanor to erase her memories harry is tying his best to get her memoies back and win her heart


5. meeting her again


~Nebula POV~  

I woke up In my bed with a horrible headache I call work saying I won't be attending today. I had the strangers dream about vampires. Hahaha how I which I was one of them internal life and all; plus In the stories they say there supposed to be gorgeous in my dream they were but still they were scary. I stand up and saw I was still wearing the same clothes as yesterday then I walk to the mirror and saw I still had my make-up I would never go to bed with my make up on and not with my uncomfortable clothes on. I decided to just take a shower to relax and then take some pills for the headache. I let my hair dry. I put hair in a messy bun when it dry off. I just put a pink v-neck shirt with some boddy-shorts and my sparkly pink conversed on. I wasn't going to see anyone or go to work so I decide not to put make up on it was a nice sunny day outside so maybe a walk won't hurt "Susi...Susi...Susi" I call for my dog to come "you want to go for a walk? yes yes Okk let's go" I put the leashe on her and walk toward the park. 

~Harry POV~ 

I wanted to get my mind of her so I decided to go for a walk liam didn't trust me so he send me with Danielle she's pretty much the only one who can stop me since she can control how you feel and her favorite one was to make me feel pain she was evil so I think Thats why liam choice her. When me and Danielle were walking I bump into someone I turn around ready to make a rude comment when I saw her with a leash on her hand she had no make up on but still look gorgeous to me "I'm sorry" wow her voice is so soft and delicate "Ah no it was my fault I was day dreaming" she smile at my comment "Harry" Danielle look me in the eye and with that I knew what she was trying to say I wouldn't obey her anyways she wouldn't make a scene on public and liam is not here to make me do what he wanted to "What's your name?" "Nebula" wow I was expecting something else like Bella or Nicole you know nice names for such a nice girl "That's a pretty unique name you know" she blush "Yeah my mother love it and I do too makes me feel like I'm special" "Yeah sounds like a movie name a the author would put on a vampire tho" ops that slip my mouth even tho it was a perfect name for a vampire. "Haha yup I know right when I was little I pretend to be a vampire but I realize there not real over the time" I just smile showing my dimples if she only knew she was about to be one just last night "HAROLD EDWARD STYLES YOU GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE NOW" wow Danielle was pretty angry "Wow you must go before your girlfriend gets mad" she said with her sparkles on her eyes fading away "Shes not my girlfriend" and that's a blessing I turn around and saw demi with her demi could read minds and hear things from far away and I guess she told.Danielle our conversation. This time I made a better first impression from last time and Thad for sure "Okk then you still need to go it looks like her eyes are about to pop out of her face" I laugh it was pretty funny "Okk but would you mine giving me your number?" once I ask that I felt something touch my shoulder Danielle she stand in her tippy toes and whisper in my ears "if you get her number you would be in serious problem ill make you feel pain I'm pretty sure liam won't mind let's go before anything else happens" she said in a harsh voice I nodded "I'm sorry I really have to go nice meetings you tho my name is harry bye the way harry styles" I shook her hand and walk away.

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